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I’m A Featured Top 5 Writer In #Writing

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Small wins are crucial and need to be celebrated.

On Twitter, Biliz Maharjan recently tagged me, Tim Denning, Jessica Wildfire, and Christopher Kokoski.


Because we’re the Top 5 Writers in the category #Writing on Medium!


Of course, I did my happy dance and congratulated Biliz.

Biliz became a member in March 2022 and already gained 4 (!) Top Writer badges.

He is currently unable to earn on Medium but raving fans can support him with a Ko-Fi.

Why am I a Top Writer?

I love to keep my readers posted on the latest news and trends on Medium, Vocal, Twitter, and new opportunities to write online.

Additionally, I share valuable writing tips based on my experience as a trained journalist.

Are you already a Top Writer in a specific category you love writing about?

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