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I’m a Non-Native. Should I Talk With Native Speakers About Writing Online?

  • 3 min read

Apparently, I’m a robot who drinks coffee with “freshly brewed bones”.

I’ve been in the online writing game for three years and from one day to the other people seem to see me.

  • Last week, someone invited me to a podcast. Another one is to give an interview for his YouTube channel.
  • This week, I got (another) brand deal offer.
  • The other day, I got another invitation to speak in front of influencers.

If this would be in German, my mother language, I would feel fine.

But in English?

If you’ve been following me for a while you may know that one year ago I started a YouTube channel.

As my friends Robin Wilding 💎 and Robert Ralph know creating YouTube videos is time-consuming. You put a lot of hours into creating good video content.

However, I wanted to spread my wings and go beyond the written word. Improve my speaking skills.

When I started writing on Medium I felt so stupid. I needed hours (!). I spent days writing ONE single story.

You might think:

Holy crap!

When I got the Medium bonuses this felt so good! I couldn’t believe it. Me! A new mom, writing in the evenings, non-native.

Of course, I had English in school and I worked in an international company but I’ve only been to an English-speaking country twice in my life and only for a few weeks.

A few weeks ago, someone declined a piece of mine because I said “all things”. This is a typical ChatGPT word.

Okay… so apparently I sound like a robot.

Can a robot speak in front of influencers on a Zoom call, tell them how to “do” things, how to write and build an audience, and answer questions?

1:1 coaching is fine.

If I “control” it with calls in my cohorts, it’s fine.

Tell me!

Oh and did you know I once said: “Coffee with freshly brewed bones” when an international client came to visit me in the agency I was working for.

You may laugh but it wasn’t funny at all.

I’m not funny. That’s another thing. I can’t be funny when writing in English.

I adore Robin (not the cursing part) for the way she writes. Or Yana Bostongirl.

To write a story about relationships, love, and humor, I need hours.

I have hundreds of them sitting in my drafts though.

As for the interviews and speaking events, of course, I would ask to get the questions beforehand… but am I ready yet?

Tell me.

  • Do you think if you watch me on YouTube I’m ready?
  • Do you think when you read my writing this sounds natural (and not robotic)?

Please be honest. I love honest people.

When my boss says:

“Awesome work, Kristina!”

I always ask for the things I could do better. And let me tell ya there’s always something I could do better.

Okay, this post isn’t my typical post.

To be honest, I don't know what it is.

I know there are exciting opportunities just waiting for me to say:


But I don’t feel ready — yet.

It would be a really heavy lift for me.

Maybe my second mountain.

Not sure.

Here’s my newsletter.

Here are my videos.

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