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I’m a Prolific Part-Time Writing Mom — Here’s the “Content Secret” You Should Steal

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Trust me. Even the busiest folks can make their mark online.

For all those who may not know me.

I’m Kristina God, a busy part-time writing mom, and I have a secret weapon that’s been a life-saver in my content creation journey — my “Content Vault.”

You see, whether I’m working on my Substack newsletter, YouTube channel, or Medium stories, having a few extra pieces of content ready to go has become a golden rule in my creative life.

I learned it the hard way

I learned this the hard way, but I can’t agree more with this strategy — it’s been a game-changer.

Life as a busy working mom is already quite hectic, and with two young children to take care of, it can get even busier.

Juggling family responsibilities and my creative pursuits was no easy feat.

I quickly realized that staying consistent when writing and creating online was crucial, but life had a way of throwing unexpected challenges my way — especially in 2023 when I was pregnant with my second child.

On some days, inspiration flowed effortlessly, and I could create content without breaking a sweat.

But on others, family needs or unexpected events took over, leaving me with little time or energy for my creative projects.

That’s when the idea of the “Content Vault” came to me.


4–5 pieces of content that are ready to be shared

I decided to create a reserve of 4–5 pieces of content that were ready to be shared with my audience at any given time.

It was like having a treasure chest of ideas, videos, and written articles, just waiting to be unveiled.

I started planning my content meticulously, dedicating some of my creative bursts to creating this content reserve.

I recorded my YouTube videos ahead of time, drafted my newsletters in advance, and organized my Medium ideas neatly.

Life continued to be as unpredictable as ever, but with my “Content Vault”, I no longer had to panic.

When my children needed extra attention or when unexpected family events cropped up, I could rely on my reserve of content to keep my audience engaged and satisfied.


Here’s how I fill my “Content Vault”:

I harness the power of batch content creation, ensuring I have a reservoir of articles ready to go.

It’s a straightforward, tried-and-true strategy.

Content batching, at its core, is a productivity technique that involves dedicating a specific block of time to create multiple pieces of content.

Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  1. Select a particular day or allocate 1–2 times a week exclusively for content creation.
  2. Make this dedicated time non-negotiable, much like a tiger guarding its territory.
  3. Sit down and draft 2–5 articles in a single session.
  4. Channel your creative energy effectively, avoiding the constant task-switching.

As time went on, my consistency paid off

My YouTube subscribers grew steadily (1.1k), my newsletter readership increased to 3400, and my Medium following flourished (11k).

My secret weapon, the “Content Vault”, not only saved me during hectic times but also allowed me to focus on creating even better and more engaging content when inspiration struck.

My “Content Vault” isn’t just a life-saver

It’s a symbol of determination, passion, and the belief that with the right strategy and dedication, anyone can make their mark in the digital world — even the busiest folks 😀

Want to steal more secrets?

Grab my free “Medium Kickstarter Guide — 2024 Edition” (I’ll soon add more resources and tools to my Gumroad shop):

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