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I’m a Prolific Part-Time Writing Mom — Here’s The Productivity Secret You Should Steal for Being…

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11,000 followers, 5 figures with writing online, and 3,300 subs on my newsletter.

As a busy working mom, my online writing journey is a part-time commitment.

Nevertheless, I frequently get the question:

“How do you manage to consistently produce valuable content while fully engaging on Medium?”

Here’s my productivity secret:

I harness the power of batch content creation, ensuring I have a reservoir of articles ready to go.

It’s a straightforward, tried-and-true strategy.

Content batching, at its core, is a productivity technique that involves dedicating a specific block of time to create multiple pieces of content.

Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  1. Select a particular day or allocate 1–2 times a week exclusively for content creation.
  2. Make this dedicated time non-negotiable, much like a tiger guarding its territory.
  3. Sit down and draft 2–5 articles in a single session.
  4. Channel your creative energy effectively, avoiding the constant task-switching.

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