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I’m A Top Writer In Travel

  • 1 min read

You can do it too

I’ve started my writing journey on Medium at the end of December 2020.

  • Within two months I became Top Writer in ‘Parenting’.
  • After four months I became Top Writer in ‘Feminism’.
  • Within the last past few months, I’ve been awarded several times in different categories such as ‘Writing’ and ‘Social Media’.
  • And yesterday, I became Top Writer in ‘Travel’ too.

Therefore, I’ve been awarded 11x and became a leading voice in these popular categories👍.

A step-by-step guide to become a Medium Top Writer:

1. 👍 pick a topic you love

2. 👍 write frequently to obtain the status

3. 👍 pick a key tag that’s eligible for Top Writer status — there are 73 of them, for instance, ‘Poem’ or ‘Photography’.

4. 👍consistently tag your articles with the exact (!) key tag

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