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I’m Building My Online Business From Home (While Raising Two Kids) — This Is What It Feels Like

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As a parent-preneur, what used to take me X amount of time before, now takes X multiplied by the number of kids I have.

If you’re an entrepreneur, a founder, or someone with big ambitions, and you’re wondering how having kids might impact your life, I want to share some insights that could be valuable to you.

Being a parent is already a full-time job, and when you add side hustles and entrepreneurial ambitions to the mix, life can become a whirlwind of responsibilities and challenges.

Before I share my experiences, let me give you some insight into my life as a side-hustling mom.

I have two wonderful children. A 3-year-old toddler and a baby.

I’ve been happily married for six years.

Both, my husband Patrick God and I work from home and run an online business together which we started once we had kids.

My husband is a software developer and YouTuber on the side with now more than 50,000 subscribers and an online course instructor.

Together we run a successful 5 figure online business.

I’m a mompreneur who has been a marketing manager for almost eight years now.

On the side, I’m a writing coach and business coach and manage a publication on Medium.

In addition, I’m an online course instructor, run a newsletter that helps to become an online entrepreneur, and share tutorials and interviews on YouTube.

Here’s how having kids impacts my life as a side-hustling mom:

Everything takes more time with kids

To put it in a rough perspective, what used to take you X amount of time before now takes X multiplied by N, where N is the number of kids you have.

For instance, if you could build a sales page for your online course in a day before, having two kids might mean it now takes two days.

We’re currently moving my husband’s signature online course The .NET Web Academy from Thinkific to Teachable.

Two bookshelves in the background of our old creativity hub. Now nursing room :D

It takes hours…

Another example is my YouTube videos.

I usually batch create 1–2. Since we’re moving upstairs so our baby has her nursing room. I can’t record a video before our new creativity hub is ready.

Only one bookshelf left. The sideboard is now in our living room and the room is ready to become a wonderful nursing room.

In the background of my last video, you can see we were in the middle of moving upstairs. Only one bookshelf left, and no pictures on the wall.

To make the background more attractive I arranged some books on the sideboard and used LED lights as a frame.

You become highly efficient

With limited free time in the mornings, evenings, or on the weekends, you become highly efficient in how you use it.

Wasting time becomes less acceptable because you’re acutely aware of its scarcity.

That’s why we stopped binge-watching Netflix in 2022.

We don’t own a TV anymore. We sold it and now watch a movie in bed on a date night.

You solve problems on the go

You find yourself working on problems even when you’re not officially working.

Moments like changing dirty diapers, driving your kids around, gardening, or doing household chores become opportunities to think about the challenges you’re facing.

When you finally sit down to work, the ideas flow effortlessly.

However, I always say:

“I’d know how to make this a success. But my time is limited so I have to make the best out of it! Better done than perfect.”

You learn to focus intensely and prioritize rigorously

You’re often forced to either trim down your to-do list to work faster or proceed with your full list but at a slower pace.

This can lead to many days feeling like you accomplished very little.

Slow growth is the buzzword in our online side hustle.

For us, burnout is not an option.

I once felt it in my day job when had to work 60 hours. I couldn’t relax anymore and felt trapped in my hamster wheel.

You can feel the same with your side hustle — even if it’s your passion project. So we try to be aware of this. Eat healthy food and sleep well.

Although we can’t control the latter.

Our baby seems to be a “vampire baby” as Robin Wilding 💎recently stated. She doesn’t sleep at night for more than 40 minutes (as adults you need 90 minutes of sleep to feel good after a sleep cycle) but now, while I’m writing these lines, during the daytime… no clue why.

You start relying on various methods to capture thoughts and ideas on the fly

This includes taking notes, scheduling calendar blocks, recording voice memos, making quick calls, and setting reminders.

Personally, I have a staggering 500 notes on my phone right now.

I use to record them on the go — while pushing the stroller or driving to kindergarten.

You compare yourself to people without kids

When I scroll through X, Medium or YouTube are see so many (younger) creators pumping out content.

It’s natural to compare yourself to people without kids and feel like they’re more productive.

However, this mindset can lead to bitterness.

Instead, we try to remember each day that our family is a valuable long-term investment. The same goes for our content online.

I strongly believe that everything you put out there is a seed. It takes its time to grow and bear fruits.

Keep at it. It’ll pay off if you keep going at it.

Time will reveal the rewards of your dedication.

Being a side-hustling parent is challenging

Being a side-hustling parent is a unique challenge that requires patience, adaptability, prioritization, and efficient time management.

When you compare yourself to others, think about the things you could do but can’t because you have to go to the pharmacy to buy medicine for your kid, go to the pediatrician, or search for a piece of Lego in the house, this can feel bitter.

But it can also feel sweet because your family is a worthwhile investment in the long run.

Balancing parenthood with side hustles and entrepreneurial dreams is undoubtedly challenging, but it’s also incredibly rewarding.

My husband and I agree:

“Our kids are the most valuable assets in our lives and the best products we ever created!”

That’s the bittersweet truth.

At least for us.

If I can do it. You can do it too!

If you are a parent-preneur, share what you’re up to in the comments. What are you building?

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