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I’m Counting Clouds Instead Of Emails

  • 2 min read

Just relax, recoup and recharge this summer.

Currently, I’m on the German North Sea island Sylt.

We’ve rented an old Frisian house. Our house is surrounded by wild roses which smell beguiling. Within five minutes I’m at the beach where waves are crashing and seagulls squawking.

  • I listen to the music of the sea instead of my colleagues' gossip.
  • I count clouds instead of emails.
  • I’m looking into the blue sky instead of staring at the grey screen of my laptop.

Taking time to relax is an important part of being productive. It’s always better to recharge batteries than to run on low ones.

Since the (business) world is very loud, you must enjoy the quiet moments in order to relax, recoup and recharge.

Learn more about the 6-word photo challenge initiated by Mary Chang Story Writer and share your magical summer moments🌴.

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