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I’m Getting Shadowbanned On Medium

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That’s what many writers feel and it does have a grain of truth.

Halloween is over.

However, some writers feel ghosted. 👻

I recently read a story by Katie Jgln (25K followers) where she shares that she feels shadowbanned.

Yael Wolfe (30K followers) agreed.

“My views have dropped by 75% in the past month for no apparent reason. And over the past six months, my follower count has come to an almost standstill.”

A couple more writers also shared that they think it’s tough to NOT be shadowbanned if you aren’t a subject matter expert and don’t fit into Medium’s fixed (new) scheme.

What happens if you get shadowbanned on Medium?

The term has existed since Twitter used it in 2016. The platform filtered out abusive tweets and applied a sort of temporary “time-out” on users.

In general, it means that a platform is moving your account down.

The discoverability of your stories goes down.

This can be a major obstacle to growing your account and getting more followers.

If all your posts are facing a drastic fall, you might have been shadowbanned.

There are platforms that inform you. Others such as Instagram don’t inform you about a shadowban.

To be honest, I really can relate.

I also have the feeling that my stories are getting less and less distribution. Some of my followers even asked me whether I quit writing.

I guess it’s because I write short form (not Tony’s favorite although it’s taking over the internet) and often meta stories like this one which isn’t always appreciated.

What to do?

The other day I watched an interview between a spokesperson of YouTube and Mr. Beast.

I learned that YouTube wants and allows people to try new things.


Only 30% of your YouTube subscribers will see your videos.

About 70% are new viewers and potential new subscribers.

👻On Medium, less than 1% of your followers will see your story.

Let me repeat it: less than 1%!

This feels already like a shadowban.

This means we have to cater to the needs of our followers who might love us for a specific topic we’re writing about, for instance, #Feminism, but we also have to keep the 99% of new readers in mind who don’t have a clue who we are and what we’re writing about

So although Tony recommends sticking to one niche topic or sharing your expertise as a subject matter expert in a specific field, I bet it would be beneficial for us to spread our wings and experiment a bit.

Time will tell.

One more thing: Jessica Wilfire‘s views dropped too.

Even Top Writer Jessica Wildfire complained about her stats!

Tony replied and said it might have to do with the launch of the “Show less like this” button.

People who don’t want to see doom and gloom, just click it and won’t see her again.

So the “Show less like this” button could make your situation worse when you’re writing about one topic or following a specific framework ( for instance doom and gloom) when writing.

It’s time to experiment with different topics, am I right?

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