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I’m Going As A Happy Zombie For Halloween

  • 1 min read

my baby will be a little pumpkin. And you?

When James Garside tweeted:

Brain: What are you going as for Halloween? 👻

Me: *looks in mirror*

Brain: That’ll do.

I started laughing out loud. 😂This tweet really amused me.

My husband and I know what we are going as for Halloween:

  • caffeine-addicted zombies. 💀

Since our baby was born last year, we’re partying through more nights than when we were 18 and really look awful — but we’re also pretty happy.

This year we’ll celebrate Halloween in a grand way:

In the evening we plan to go to the beach for the very first time.

Our little one will be going as a cute little pumpkin🎃.

Happy Halloween to all of you!

How will you celebrate Halloween👻🎃?


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