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I’m Gonna Kick Your Butt

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Success is a matter of momentum

Within the last past weeks, several new writers reached out to me and asked me when I’ll host my next Kickstarter Bootcamp.

Their biggest need:

Someone to kick them in the butt to build a writing habit.

In fact, my student Trisha Dunbar (She/Her) said she needed this.

credit: GIPHY

I’ve been writing on Medium for around one year now. One of my lessons learned this year:

When your write every day, you soon get a chain going.

Chain = momentum = increasing forward motion.

Your job is to simply NOT break the chain. Don’t ruin your streak.

Keep the hula hoop spinning. Every. Single. Day. No matter what.

That’s the power of building momentum.

A hula hoop spinning around your waist gains momentum.

When you keep the momentum going, anything can happen in 2022.

Keep the hula hoop spinning:

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