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I’m In An Exclusive Slack Group With Tom Kuegler

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I’m hyperventilating, jumping up and down, and have sweaty palms already

A few days ago, Medium Top Writer Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi invited me to be part of her first cohort-based workshop called ‘Summit 21’.

It’s for new and emerging writers and her invite really surprised me.

When she twittered she had a surprise for her followers, I commented, filled in a form, and a few days later received an email saying:

You’re in! Here’s the invite to the Slack group.

She belongs to the 1% of doers

I’m super excited to start Niharikaa’s writing course.

Niharika once was a student of Top Writer Ayodeji Awosika (91K followers).

screenshot by Kristina God; newsletter by Ayodeji

Well, apparently she belongs to the 1% who really put good advice into practice!

As she says in her newsletter about her first program which she wants to turn into a business one day:

The approach I’m using is what James Altucher says, do everything like an experiment.

So, either this will work or I’ll learn. Either way, I’ll have a lot of fun and make new friends with writers from over 20 countries. 🙂

I’m so grateful to learn from her within the next few weeks and be part of her ‘experiment’.


Moreover, Top Writer Tom Kuegler (58K followers) stopped by to say hello.

I received a welcome message from him:

screenshot by Kristina God; exclusive Slack group


Niharikaa seems to be experimenting a lot. lol 😂

What is Tom doing in this cohort?

Is it weird that I’m hyperventilating, jumping up and down, and have sweaty palms already?

Here’s more:

Final Takeaways

I can’t let go of the excitement! And that’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

I’m sure the best moments of your (writing) lives haven’t even happened yet.

Life is all about opportunities and chances.

Here’s one for you, dear reader,

as announced at the end of several articles….

in November I will host an Online Writing Kickstarter Bootcamp.

The ‘Medium Goddess’ (me 😂) wants to give 5 new (and emerging ) writers the opportunity to coach them through what’s keeping them stuck and exactly what will move them forward when it comes to writing and hitting publish.

Do you want to build red hot momentum?🔥

Be part of the 1%.

Become a doer!

Win a hot seat by commenting on THIS article (only!) and telling me what’s your big goal!

🔥Here you can comment and win a hot seat!🔥

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