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I’m on Google’s Knowledge Panel

  • 2 min read

And I need your help.

I have a quick question for the Medium community.

Does anyone have experience with the knowledge panel on Google?

I googled my name to check my online presence and for the first time found the above-shown knowledge panel about me.

I can claim this knowledge panel to enhance my presence on Google.

“Make sure your audience sees the most accurate, authoritative, and engaging information about you. You can suggest changes to info that shows up on Search, including images, stats, or other facts.”

that’s what Google recommends.

  • If you googled me and found this panel would this be a good presentation of myself or would you add/delete anything?
  • I’m so many things. It’s also important that I have a 9/5. Plus, I have my side hustle. I’m not active on LinkedIn because I don’t want to mix both worlds (although they of course overlap because I’m writing on Medium about marketing and am a manager in my job. I build my brand on the side.)

Maybe Victoria Kurichenko can help.

  • Is this something special? My husband with more than 50,000 subscribers on YouTube doesn’t have it
  • Should I act, get verified, and then make some changes? For instance, instead of X, I’d like people to see my Medium blog and Substack newsletter.
  • What’s important to know?
  • How to link both words — corporate job and side hustle?

Do you also see a knowledge panel when you google me or yourself?

I think it’s tricky.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks so much for your comments.

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