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In 2022, Audio Will Transform Medium And We Will Become Podcasters

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#1 prediction based on Medium’s latest news.

It’s been a remarkable year on Medium.

For the first time, Medium hosted a Medium Writers Challenge and acquired three (!) companies.

As 2021 nears its end, it’s time to ask:

What’s next?

Here’s my prediction for 2022 in one sentence:

We will become podcasters!

You may wonder:

Is this a bad thing?

Medium’s latest acquisition will be a game-changer

This year, for the first time, Medium acquired three (!) companies:

In regard to the latter, Warren Shaeffer, co-founder of Knowable, has already revealed that…

they have begun ‘working together on complementary initiatives and will share more details in early 2022.’

Knowable in a nutshell

Image Credits: Knowable
  • audio learning platform
  • ad-free and screen-free experience
  • provide educational audio made by experts, academics, storytellers and thought-leaders

Powerful benefits of audio content

Unlike reading an article on Medium — that demands complete attention and focus — audio can…

  • be consumed passively.

This behavior is increasingly becoming the norm.

Personally, I like listening to audiobooks or podcasts during the day, for instance, in the car or while pushing the stroller.

Moreover, Warren Shaeffer from Knowable, has revealed in an interview with TechCrunch:

The number one reason that people say they listen to podcasts is to learn new things, and Knowable and Medium are pioneering a new audio experience to better serve this need, for both creators and listeners alike.

Podcasting and live audio industries expand

Big players such as Google, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, and Facebook are leaning into podcasting.


Because of the enormous growth of podcasting and live audio.

The podcast audience is exploding and so is their engagement.

My predictions for 2022

  • We’ll have the possibility to take advantage of people’s listening behavior.
  • Knowable will help Medium cater to people seeking audio education.
  • We’ll be able to add audio to our posts and maybe even host our own show on Medium.
  • We’ll soon have the tools in place to engage, educate or inform our audience via audio.
  • Audio can add a new, monetizable format to share our work.

Audio. Now!

You can’t wait until 2022 to start a podcast and launch your show?

Here are some examples from fellow Medium writers who create audio content on a regular basis:

screenshot by Kristina God; Higginbotham Publications
screenshot by Kristina God; Asking God Why
screenshot by Kristina God; Entrepreneurs Can Party

My tip: Listen to their podcasts and get inspired.

Additionally, I found this helpful step-by-step guide by Colin Gray on Podcasting, SAAS & Business on how to start a podcast:

Final Takeaways

One of the most beautiful things in podcasting is the space for so many different voices.

Just imagine being able to record your articles and giving readers an opportunity to actually LISTEN to your voice.

Your unique voice is part of your personal brand.

I’m pretty sure all of us would see exponential growth in our following and subscription.

Our readers and listeners could really fall in love with our spoken words.

Therefore Medium’s new audio feature doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

In my opinion, it will ultimately help us all — writers and readers — to grow.

© Kristina God

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