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In 2022 Internet Cookies Will Be Dead. What You Need To Know Now.

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Big changes are underway. Here are 3 tasty alternatives to cookies for online entrepreneurs and writers.

In the winter there’s lots of snow. But don't you know. If another season, is another reason for eating cookies. Cookie Monster song, Sesame Street

Yes. All year long, cookies are tasty. They are addictive.

Online entrepreneurs, writers, and marketing people love them just as much — if not more — than the cookie monster from Sesame Street.

The cookie monster even dedicated a song to his tasty cookies.

The cookie monster song on YouTube

Unfortunately, in 2022 a lot is going to change.

There won’t be any cookies anymore all year long.

Devolution of good cookies into bad cookies

Facebook, Instagram, and Google used something called a pixel and their associated cookies.

This is a tiny piece of code that allows digital entrepreneurs and marketers to place another piece of code on a user's browser or computer.

When cookies came first came on the scene they were pretty convenient.

They saved basic information and saved passwords.

Since then they somehow devolved into bad cookies who started tracking and storing all kinds of user data.

Major changes are underway

Thanks to cookies your marketing efforts could become very precise.

If you wanted to target a stay-at-home mom, with two kids, a cat, and a dog who also run her online business, voilà. Your wish came true.

Yes, pixels were powerful.

Effective September 2021, Apple came out with a new iOS 15 update which limits the amount of tracking technical stuff behind the scenes that we were able to use.

Why does it matter?

  • About 30–50% of your email list is using Apple Mail and Apple devices to open emails
  • It gives mobile users new email privacy features that block third-party email service provider software from tracking.
  • Meaning: You can’t measure anymore one of the most crucial metrics in regard to effectiveness — the email open rate.

Moreover, in June 2021, Google updated the timeline for their privacy sandbox.

  • This update also limits the amount of tracking through their browser.

3 powerful alternatives to cookies

Every marketing effort that relies on third-party cookies is going to suffer and continue to suffer in 2022.

Therefore we need to plan for this and bake this in our strategy for 2022.

Here are 3 old-school options for online entrepreneurs:

#1 — Facebook and Messenger Ads


Everybody knows them. They are typically leading a user away from Facebook.

Then getting their email address and track them.

#2 — In-network advertising


These in-networking ads are baked right into the platform themselves.

You can enter your information and never have to leave Facebook.

#3 — Email marketing

Someone letting you into their inbox is a way bigger deal than someone just following you on Medium.

You can build a real connection with your audience.

It’s an unbeatable tool for every online entrepreneur.

That’s the reason why you should build your email list or enhance it while being less concerned about Apple’s latest updates.

The access to your ‘superfans’ is enough to realize the importance of this tool for 2022.

Final Takeaways

Cookies will die in 2022.

Take advantage of the three old-school options I showed you.

Especially invest in your email list via Medium, a newsletter on Substack (as the next big blogging platform), or Revue on Twitter.

To be prepared is half the victory. Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish writer

… and having a strategy that anticipates the challenges ahead is vital.

© Kristina God

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