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Indians Can Now Make Money From the Medium Partner Program

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Finally! Medium starts paying writers from India.

I’m high-fiving all writers from the non-Stripe country India.

What was long overdue is finally here!

It’s a writer’s dream come true.

If you’re from India and eagerly waiting to get paid for your writing, today’s your lucky day.

Medium just announced that it will open up its Medium Partner Program (MPP) — which allows you to lock your stories behind a paywall — to India.

I thought immediately of my friend Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles who has been writing on Medium since 2016, when I heard about this news.

Here’s her reaction:

photo credit: Vidya in the comments

For Vidya, it almost feels like a birthday gift.

After years of writing and publishing on this platform without getting any compensation, she finally gets paid.

I’m super happy she’s now able to receive a reward for all her wonderful contributions as a writer and editor for several publications.

Yeah! Medium is opening the Medium Partner Program for India

Medium currently pays writers from 33 countries.

In their latest announcement, Medium shared that the company will expand its Partner Program to 12 more countries.

Starting on August 1, writers from India can earn money on Medium.

Medium wants to include more voices from around the world

In my opinion, it’s great to include more voices from around the world.

“We want to be as open as possible because everyone has a story to tell.” Buster Benson, Medium

So Medium will not only add India to their Partner Program but also 11 more countries including:

  • Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Malta, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates.

50 more will be added by the end of the year.

They didn’t post the list of the 50 being added by the end of the year, so that’s to be expected.

How to join Medium’s Partner Program when you’re from India

Starting on August 1, writers from India can earn money on Medium.

To get paid, you simply have to become a paying member for $5 per month.

Starting on August 1, writers now are required to have a paid membership to earn money.

This means writers are paying into the pool they’re getting paid from and that feels fair to me.

Although Vidya couldn’t earn any money so far, she has become a paying member in order to get 100% access to all articles on Medium and support other writers.

If you want to get a slice of the pie, become a paying member today, get ready, and start earning in August 2023 by using this link.

Why India couldn’t earn money from Medium in the first place

Medium’s preferred payment processor is Stripe.

The latter is a third-party payment service.

To enroll in the Medium Partner Program (MPP) and earn money, you needed to link your Medium account with your bank account or debit card via Stripe.

Until now, if you were from a non-Stripe country, such as India or Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, you couldn’t earn any money on Medium.

How much money can Indians make on Medium?

For the first time in two years, Medium shared the distribution of earnings across all authors from 33 countries on Medium:

  • 65% of Medium writers earn between $10 and $100
  • 29% earn between $100-$1000
  • 6% earn over $1000.

This means if you join Medium from India and pay $5 with focusing on good quality writing you should at least join the ranks of those 65% who earn $100 to $100.

Bottom Line

Medium is in the middle of revamping its Medium Partner Program.

Finally, writers from the non-Stripe country India can join and start earning money.

It’s not only one of the biggest changes in the history of Medium but also the biggest requested change.

Finally, after years of praying and hoping, writers from India can celebrate!

What are you waiting for? Join Medium today, start earning money, and support me as a writer:

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