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Insane! ChatGPT Created A Beer Called “The Bots Made Us Do It”

  • 2 min read

Small businesses are playing around a lot with ChatGPT.

Now a brewery turned to OpenAI’s ChatGPT to create a unique beer for the Colorado Beer Festival.

The AI was asked to predict future craft beer trends, and it suggested a wellness beer with added health-boosting ingredients.

ChatGPT provided a detailed recipe, including lemon peel, orange peel, dried ginger root, and turmeric.

In just seconds, it also delivered brewing instructions with specific times and temperatures.

The beer is currently fermenting ahead of the Collaboration Beer Fest.

The brewers are optimistic about its taste and even asked ChatGPT to name their creation.

The chosen name is “The Bots Made Us Do It,” reflecting AI’s role in its development.

I wonder how AI can help other small businesses in creating new products and finding innovations.

Do you have an idea in which industry AI could really make a difference and find an innovative new product?

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