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Insane! New Zelda Sold 10M Copies in 3 Days

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Nintendo continues its winning streak in 2023

Besides being a part-time creator, my husband is a gamer.

He loves video games.

For his birthday, he got a Mario Kart rainbow cake.

I’m not kidding 😀

photo credit: Kristina god; Super Mario from Patrick’s rainbow cake

The other day he told me about the new Zelda game.

It’s really insane!

Tears of the Kingdom has achieved an incredible feat, becoming the fastest-selling game in the Zelda franchise.

In just three days following its launch on May 12th, the game sold a staggering 10 million copies worldwide.

To put that into perspective, …

  • Breath of the Wild, a fan favorite, has sold almost 30 million copies over six years.
  • The Switch’s all-time bestseller, Mario Kart 8, boasts 53 million copies sold.

Astonishingly, Tears of the Kingdom has sold a third of Breath of the Wild’s total and 20 percent of Mario Kart 8’s in merely 72 hours.

What’s fascinating here is that Tears of the Kingdom achieved these numbers on six-year-old hardware and a familiar setting, running at a humble 30fps (frames per second).

As always, Nintendo’s unique blend of magic and shrewd business strategy shines through

The company consistently demonstrates an ability to captivate and delight audiences in ways that elude other publishers.

For my husband Patrick God the success of Tears of the Kingdom is a testament to how well players respond to uncomplicated premises when they’re executed exceptionally well.

And it’s noteworthy that this game is a single-player experience, devoid of battle passes or similar features so prevalent in today’s gaming landscape.

Nintendo continues its winning streak in 2023…

…following the billion-dollar success of the Mario movie and the launch of Super Nintendo World in Los Angeles.

The question remains, will Tears of the Kingdom eventually topple Mario Kart 8 from its bestselling game pedestal?

Only time will tell, but given its current momentum, we might not have to wait long to find out.

In my opinion, this success story serves as a reminder that simplicity and excellent execution can be an unbeatable combination.

Whether in gaming, digital marketing, writing, or any other industry, mastering the basics and delivering high-quality products or services can lead to extraordinary success.

What do you think about the new Zelda?

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