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Insane! This Fiction Writer Publishes One Book Per Month

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“I’ve always been a hungry dog”, he says.

If you’re thinking about publishing your own book in 2023 I have great news for you.

You don’t have to wait for a major publishing house to reject … ahem… accept you.

Simply self-publish your book!

The advantage is clear: you own your book, you can earn up to 100% revenue, and you can market it on your own.

No publishing house is owning up to 85% of your product — forever, in perpetuity.

If you want to own all the success or failure of your product, you’re not insane. Actually, you’re in good company.

James Patterson is a fiction writer.

He publishes a book a month!

He has created a process around self-publishing and promoting his products, and has a team and fellow writer friends he’s collaborating with.

“I’ve always been a hungry dog”, the 75-year-old shared.

Why not self-publish your own book in 2023?


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