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Interview Of The Year! Ev Williams On The Future Of Medium

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Switch from Stripe to PayPal, killed virality on Medium and more hard-hitting questions from the community.

In a few days, the founder of Medium will turn 51 years old.

The self-made billionaire Ev Williams celebrates his birthday on the 31st of March 2022.

🎤Timely news hook — Ev’s birthday

I suspect Amardeep Parmar (65,000 followers) took this as a timely news hook and asked Ev for an interview.

Amar announced via Twitter:

❓Burning questions from the community.

As can be seen above, a few hours before the interview with Ev, Amar asked his followers to tell him everything they would like to ask Ev.

Here are some burning questions from the community I can also relate to:

❓What’s the communications strategy to keep writers informed about the latest changes?

❓ Why did Medium kill viral articles?

What’s with all the constant bugs?

❓ Why don’t switch from Stripe to PayPal so that everyone can monetize their content?

No hard-hitting questions?


Medium writer Reuben Salsa stated via Twitter:

I imagine you won’t be asking in hard-hitting questions.

This will be an exercise in idol worship.

Here’s hoping it cuts deeper than a few pleasant platitudes about how great Ev is.

Let’s wait and see which questions Amar asked Ev.

🥂This year Medium will celebrate 10 years and 5 other things you may not know about Medium’s founder and CEO

In preparation for the interview, I would like to share these insights with you:

5 — Ev is a self-made billionaire (with a net worth of $3bn).

4 — Ev co-founded Blogger, Twitter, and Medium.

3 — He lives in San Francisco with his family.

2 — He’s married and a father of two.

1 — Medium, will celebrate 10 years this October!🥂

📰Where you can read the interview.

✔️Since Amar is the owner of Entrepreneur’s Handbook you can read the interview this Thursday, March 31st, here.

Entrepreneur’s Handbook is one of Medium’s biggest (216K) and most successful publications on Medium.

🎤What burning questions would you have asked Ev Williams?

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