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Introducing Kristina God’s Next Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp

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and one of her successful & brilliant boot campers

Are you looking for a clear path for you and your writing side hustle to become a real business?

Now it’s official.

In February 2022, I will take the time to serve you with my second Boot Camp.

As Sally Prag responded:

Yay!!! Go Kristina! Your last bootcamp was awesome 👏

You want to learn how to

  • build a regular writing habit
  • grow on Medium from 0 to 1,000+ followers
  • transform your writing into a sustainable, income-generating machine

I hear you, guys.

Within 10 months I jumped from zero to $500+

I started writing on Medium in winter 2020.

With my cohort-based course, I want to help you to kickstart your writing and level up your success on Medium.

The Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp

The Medium Kickstarter Bootcamp is a 4-week online course where I’ll teach you everything I know about:

  • How to write on Medium
  • How to grow your writing on Medium into a sustainable machine that churns out valuable content for your audience
  • how to generate healthy passive income without having to quit your job. 😉

I ran Cohort 1 in November 2021 serving my students in the process of producing fantastic results.

Cohort 2 will run from 1st to 28th February 2022
Each week, we’ll have a combination of:

  • on-demand lectures with 60–90 minutes of teaching (with lifetime access) so you can always work through stuff at your own pace and revisit things if you need to 😀
  • exclusive Slack group to share feedback, articles, ask questions and connect with other inspiring writers
  • Q&A Office Hours with Kristina God

Extra special:

  • 2x personal 30 minutes 1:1 coaching sessions, one at the beginning of the program and one at the end

There are 10–15 available slots.

I’ve started pre-selling my course (you get $50 off!) a few hours ago and one writer already joined Cohort 2.

That’s so exciting!

Exciting. Little girl is dancing.

Brilliant Testimonials

Within the upcoming days and weeks, I will introduce several of my boot campers to you and share their success stories.

So, let’s come back to Sally Prag from my last Cohort in November/December 2021 who I mentioned in my introduction.

I’m so proud of her.

Here are some of her fantastic results:

  • She built a regular writing habit.
  • She pumps out content on a regular basis and has fun.
  • She’s about to reach 1K followers this month.
  • She became an editor for New Writers Welcome by Robert Ralph
  • She became a Top Writer in #Ideas!
  • Once, she even got curated twice in 24 hours.

Please check out her writing and personality — Sally is awesome:

Learn. Grow. Earn. — Are you ready to level up your writing?

Join my next cohort and have fun.

Click here for further details and feel free to contact me

I’m looking forward to coaching you!

© Kristina God

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