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Introducing Medium’s Experimental SEO Incentive Program — You Get Paid For External Views

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Finally, it’s here and it’s the beginning of something awesome

You might have heard through the grapevine or through one of my latest short stories.

Medium is already paying (at least that’s what some say) some writers for external views.

From several trustworthy sources of writing friends of mine, I got the official confirmation there’s a top-secret program Medium hasn’t announced yet.

It’s called the “Experimental SEO Incentive Program”.

  • It starts in January 2023.
  • A limited number of Medium writers will be eligible to participate in the reward scheme.

My friends Rukshan Pramoditha and Sam Warain😊 are part of the program. Congrats, guys!

In 2021, Medium rolled out a bonus program.

Partner Program Bonus Tiers for Top Writers

It’s a program with a fixed amount of money for a selected group of writers.

In 2022, Medium rolled out its bonus for listening time.

I participated in two of these experimental programs and really liked them.

Do you get a lot of external views?

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