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Introducing Medium’s New And Powerful Newsletter Tool

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$$$ — You can now import subscribers from elsewhere — your blog, Substack, CovertKit, MailChimp, convert them to Medium members, and earn more money.

I check my Stats on a daily basis and track the growth of my mailing list.

Well, the marketer in me likes the data.

When I was checking my Audience Dashboard yesterday a new notification popped up.


It looks like this:

screenshot by @kristina god

It says:

New! You can now import subscribers to your email list.

Wow! That’s a game-changer for us Medium writers, isn’t it?

But what exactly does it mean?

Instead of starting to speculate and trying to understand the cryptic explanations on various Medium sites, I reached out to Medium Help Center to find out more and share it with you.

Since ‘Online Writing 101’ is your go-to guide for all Medium-related news, tips, tricks, and updates, in this article we’ll get specific about the amazing news which is part of Medium’s evolution.

Medium’s New Newsletter Tool

A few days ago Medium announced its acquisition of Projector.

No, that’s not an apparatus.

It’s a competitor of Canva and a multimedia design platform for people who plan and set up projects, for instance, consultants in an agency who want to collaborate in real-time with their clients and show them their design work — an ebook, a social media ad or newsletter.

Here’s all you need:

Ev Williams acquired the startup to bring Medium to the next level and therefore to:

  • innovate on the core Medium user experience
  • build amazing new tools for creators

And voilà, here’s the first new amazing tool for you as a writer and creator:

You can now import subscribers from elsewhere — your blog, Substack, CovertKit, MailChimp, convert them into Medium members and earn more money $$$.

Here’s what Medium Help Desk explained:

  • Writers can import a list of the subscribers they’ve collected from elsewhere.
  • Lists you have compiled on other services, such as Substack, CovertKit, MailChimp, are totally fine to import to Medium.
  • You can import any mailing list you control, so long as you agree to the Email Import Terms Of Use (there’s more below).
  • Your email subscribers do not have to be Members to receive your emails.
  • If the story is metered to earn money in the Medium Partner Program, a short preview of the story will appear in the email directing openers to read more on Medium.
  • If the story is free, the entire story will appear in the email.

You can convert non-Members and earn

As Medium Help Center said:

The goal is for you to better connect with your audience via their email inbox, regardless if they are Medium account holders or not.

If your big goal is to convert non-Members to Members to both:

  • earn on their engagement
  • potentially apply their Referral money to you, receiving half of their membership fee for as long as they are paying members

which is good for your earnings,

you can easily do this.

How to get started?

You can’t wait and want to get started?

Here’s the step-by-step guide:

  • Click Stats
  • Click Audience Stats. You’ll see this notification.
screenshot by Kristina God
  • Click Import Subscribers
screenshot by Kristina God

⚠️ Hint! Check before you import

  • You can upload a CSV or TXT file of up to 3MB and include up to 5,000 email addresses.
  • It must only contain subscribers who’ve signed up to receive an email directly from you, and not have been obtained from a third party.

You can import any mailing list you control, so long as you agree to the Email Import Terms Of Use.

By clicking on Email Import Terms Of Use you come to this site.

I was the first to investigate and left my claps and highlights.

  • ✅You agree to only upload subscribers who’ve signed up to receive emails directly from you
  • You’re not allowed to import email addresses from subscribers you have been obtained from a third party.

  • Click on the green button Agree and select.
screenshot by Kristina God
  • Select a file (for instance a CSV file from ConvertKit or Substack) and click upload.

✅The only data Medium requires is email addresses.

✅Make sure the first line within the column containing email addresses includes the word ‘email’.

✅The file format can be either in CSV or TXT.

Here’s an example:

credit: Medium
  • Check your email. You’ll receive an import completion or retry message within 30 mins.
  • Click on the Take a look button in the email / go to the Email Subscribers List in your Audience Dashboard to see your imported email addresses and to verify them.

3 Troubleshooting Questions and Answers

Technology vector created by vectorjuice

Why were some email addresses not imported?

Some reasons that can prevent emails from being added to your audience:

  • they have already subscribed to you
  • they have unsubscribed, blocked, or muted your account
  • their accounts are suspended, deactivated, or deleted

How do I delete an imported email address?

  • You can submit a request with the Medium support team here.

Why I’m not allowed to import email addresses?

  • This depends on the account status.
  • Medium needs you to submit additional info for verification with the Medium support team. You can send a request here.

Final Takeaway

Let me give you some examples from our community:

  • Anne Bonfert has her own mailing list from her travel blog and newsletter and could import them to Medium. I’m her subscriber and I like her newsletter BUT what if Medium soon will give us beautiful templates to use and send to our subscribers?
  • Burk wants to retire his Substack newsletter anyways and could import email addresses to Medium to have everything in one place.
  • I also have Substack subscribers — without having sent one single newsletter yet — and could import them to Medium to at least send them anything.

I know that some of you have subscribers on MailChimp and Co. without sending them anything.

But there’s so much incredible content on Medium you produce on a regular basis.

This could be the perfect time to defrost your email list and convert them to joyfully Medium members.

And the day you convert at least ONE subscriber into a paying member…I want to hear about it.

Deal? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

© Kristina God

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