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Introducing Medium’s New Mobile Features and Publishing Experience

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It’s worth updating the most recent version of the Medium app because this new experience is 10x better than the old one.

Good news for all writers who love to write their stories on the phone while sitting on the toilet, being on the playground, traveling, or commuting…

Medium just announced an update that enhances the publishing experience on the phone.

This upgrade brings some essential features from the desktop version to the mobile apps. It addresses issues Medium users may have faced when trying to publish a story using their smartphones.

After Tony Stubblebine brought back the write and edit function on the phone which Ev Williams removed, this is another fantastic announcement.

The 5 new features of Medium’s new publishing experience

Here’s a quick summary of the new features in the app:

1 — Add and edit tags

With this update, users can now easily add and edit tags for their stories, just like on the desktop version.

This feature allows authors to categorize their content more efficiently, making it more discoverable for readers who are interested in specific subjects.

👉If you want to learn more about why tags are so important and which tags are eligible for Top Writer status, click here.

2— Ad a story to a publication

Writers can now submit their stories to publications directly from their mobile devices.

This feature makes it simpler for writers to contribute to different publications and collaborate with other writers and editors.

👉To learn more about Medium’s most popular publications that are currently accepting submissions in 2023, go here.

3 — Edit titles and subtitles

Users can now edit the titles and subtitles of their stories on mobile devices.

This allows writers to customize the way their story is displayed in public places like subscribers’ inboxes, and Medium’s homepage.

4 — Meter your story

This update also brings the ability to meter (=putting stories behind the paywall) stories and earn money through the Medium Partner Program (MPP).

Metering allows writers to limit the number of free reads for non-paying readers while still providing access to paying Medium members.

This feature helps authors monetize their content more effectively and decide whether to put a story behind a paywall or not.

👉To learn more about how you can earn money on Medium, go here.

How to get access to Medium’s new mobile publishing experience?

To see the changes, ensure you’ve updated to the most recent version of the Medium app.

What other Medium members are saying

  • Eric Pierce — “Absolutely loving all these enhancements to the writing experience!”
  • Jennifer Dunne — “Yes, yes, YES! I’ve been dying for the ability to publish to a publication from a mobile device.”
  • Clark — “As a publisher on Medium, I love using my iPhone for quick drafts.”

What’s missing?

  • Eric Pierce — Publication owners should get mobile tools for managing and publishing submissions
  • Rui Alves — The possibility to change a featured image focal point and add Alt-text.
  • Chris Davidson — Regarding readability, it would be great to add extra lines between paragraphs.

Bottom Line

These four updates definitely improve the overall publishing experience on mobile devices, making it more efficient and user-friendly for writers.

Medium’s overall goal is to empower authors to create and share content seamlessly across different platforms.

This update is a significant step towards achieving that vision.

As far as I’m concerned, I love to make last-minute changes, when I spot there’s an error I want to fix.

I also know some writers who travel a lot. Now they can travel using only their tablet or smartphone and no longer have to lug their laptop everywhere.

I’m happy with the direction the app is heading! What about you?

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