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Introducing Medium’s New Recommendation “Power Boost-System” For 2023

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Tony Stubblebine made an official announcement that helps us understand Medium’s algorithm better.

I bet everyone is nodding their head if I’m saying Medium is undergoing a lot of changes.

I’m glad Tony Stubblebine finally summarized what he and his team have been working on within the last past month where so many writers saw a massive drop in their stats OR a massive uptick!

In his official statement, Tony shared the following changes that affect every writer (and the reader) on Medium:

✔️“True follow feed” + “show less like this” button work closely together

These tools are powerful. They give readers back control over their recommendations.

Example: Top Writer Jessica Wildfire saw a massive decline in her stats. In the comments, Tony shared this might have to do with more and more people clicking on “show less like this” (because they don’t want to read doom and gloom every day)

✔️Community recommendation becomes more powerful

Medium is a relational platform. It’s all about relationships and engagement. Even if you don’t write a single word and you engage with others, you can win on Medium.

Tony shard there’s an increased weighting of recommendations for stories that people you follow clap for and highlight.

Example: We already know that claps (still) really matter! In the past, people got paid for the number of claps they received. Now, when 10 people clap for a story you get a notification.

The next with 50, 100, and 1,000.

Medium boosts your stories from one milestone to the next based on claps.

❌No boost for stories with no engagement

Medium had reserved recommendations for stories that had no engagement but seemed to be of high quality to Medium’s algorithm.

Sorry, but when your story doesn’t get clicked, clapped for, and commented on… it’s less likely the story gets recommended by Medium.

As on any platform, engagement is key.

✔️Self-promotion is recommended

Everyone who has been following me for a while knows that I always emphasize the power of self-promotion.


One — I’m a marketer and I believe in the power of amplifying your messages across different platforms.

Two — Ev Williams, the founder of Medium, once recommended sharing our stories on Twitter and on every platform we’re active on.

Example: Medium makes it super easy for writers to connect their profiles with their Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts to share stories and quotes.

Unfortunately, it’s one of the most underutilized features. You better use it in the future!

Here’s an overview of the channels you could be using:

Kristina God’s Medium Promotion Prism

“Authors who promote their article through social media, through email, to their followers, and on publications are now more likely to get their article picked up for a boost”, shared Tony.

✔️Medium’s new “Power Boost System” will reward writers with more

Tony promises that if a story gets boosted by Medium’s algorithm this boost will lead to “bigger rewards and bigger hits. That means more money and more page views for authors.”


This means evergreen writing will be rewarded because it will get boosted well beyond the day it was published.

❌No more growth hacking

Oh and one more thing for all the growth hackers…. Medium is watching you, guys:

“I hate to say this, but also I hate not having said it: We will push back on bad faith behavior. I know the temptation for hacking a system is strong, but we want to boost great writing, not great growth hackers.”

What do you think?

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