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Introducing Medium’s New Tipping Feature (With FAQ)

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Learn how to activate the upgrade and get rewarded for your awesome work — $$$

Medium has been undergoing many changes since Tony Stubblebine aka Coach Tony has become Medium’s new CEO.

Apparently, Tony really takes the time to listen.

He reads our stories about how to improve the platform and make the reading and writing experience better.

In September 2021, I shared a petition with Medium’s Product Team

In September 2021, I wrote Now It’s Time To Tip And Get Tipped On Medium.

I sent this popular story and idea with all the comments to Medium’s Product team as a key feature recommendation for the future.

Illumination owner Dr Mehmet Yildiz commented this:

Illumination owner Dr Mehmet Yildiz commented this:
screenshot from my story 10 months ago

In July 2022, we finally have a tip jar!

Fast forward to today, a lot of writers requested in the comments section of stories about Medium’s new CEO, they’d love to get a tipping feature.

🥁🥁And so…. drum roll, please. 🥁🥁

I have exciting news for you, my sweet friend!

Medium offers a brand new tipping feature to reward writers! YEAH!

How does the tip feature look like?

I’ve already activated my tip jar in beta.

At the bottom of every story, my readers now see this box:

Introducing Medium’s New Tipping Feature

If you’ll scroll down, you’ll see it at the bottom of this story too.

How does it work?

As you can see in the screenshot above, your tip will go through a third-party platform of your choice.

What’s a third-party platform?

It’s Ko-Fi, PayPal, Patreon (or an organization for readers to donate on your behalf).

I guess everyone knows PayPal to transfer money.

Patreon is for creators. It’s very popular among YouTubers or publication owners on Medium. You can sign up, create content and receive recurring income and donations for your creative work.

However, in this article, I want to focus on Ko-Fi since it’s really easy to set up, it’s sustainable and I can share my own experience.

Ko-Fi a coffee shop where you can buy your favorite writer a virtual coffee.

A coffee shop is a meaningful way to fund your creative work as a creator.

I was recommending these platforms over and over again to my readers at the beginning of this year — to not miss this awesome opportunity.

What’s Ko-Fi?

As a working mom, I love my daily latte macchiato with coconut milk. ☕

Key facts about Ko-Fi:

  • It’s free to use and charges a 0% transaction fee on donations.
  • PayPal is available.
  • New: You can offer Memberships and Membership tiers.

What’s an example of a Ko-Fi page?

I set up my account in January 2022 — following my own advice. haha

What’s an example of a Ko-Fi page?
Kristina God’s Ko-Fi page

As I said, as a working mom, Medium writer, online entrepreneur, and online course instructor, I love my daily latte macchiato with coconut milk. ☕

Attention. The following video might surprise you. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Heidi Klum, I have a German accent — haha.

Yes. You can’t hear this accent when you’re reading my stories. haha. God is from Germany. haha

Click here to visit my Ko-Fi page.

How much money can you earn with a coffee shop?

Let me give you an example:

My husband Patrick God is a software developer, part-time Udemy instructor with 70,000 students, and YouTuber with around 22K followers.

He teaches code in a simple and fun way.

In 2021, he set up his Buy Me A Coffee account and received coffee worth over $900 for his valuable programming tutorials.

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve received 19 Ko-fis within the last past 7 months.

This is $95.

Okay, I set up my Ko-Fi shop. What’s next?

To connect Medium with your coffee shop, follow this simple 3-Step-Process:

1 — Go to SETTINGS.

2 — Click on Audience development_Manage tipping

3 — Add the link to your Ko-Fi, Paypal, or Patreon page.

What’s your opinion about the new tipping feature, Kristina?

Thanks for asking!

Here’s what I think:

Tony mentioned this in an interview with Sinem Günel.

He walks the talk.

I think it’s an amazing new feature — that’s why I requested it in September 2021.

To tip means:

to give someone who has provided you with a service an extra amount of money to thank them, Cambridge Dictionary

I love to support other creators, thank them for their work and support or say Happy Birthday! such as I did for/to Burk or Robert Ralph or to kick things off for Yana Bostongirl or Kristina Segarra.

I’ve done this throughout the year and I will continue doing it via Medium’s new tip feature.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t buy a coffee for a lot of writers I wanted to reward for their beautiful words, tips, and tricks.


Because they haven’t had a coffee shop.

Some because they didn’t want to sound salesy, pushy, and beg for tips.

I agree with Willow Dickerson who commented on a post about this new feature by Robert Ralph:

Well, I guess this will change now that YOU know it!

Additionally, I have good news for people who can’t be in the Medium Partner Program because they’re from India, Pakistan, or other countries that are not eligible.

Now YOU can have this tip jar and earn too! I’m thinking of Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles from India for instance.

Oh, one more thing about Medium’s competitor Vocal…

In fact, one of Medium’s competitors, Vocal Media, has already an integrated tipping feature. You can tip up to $50.

Here’s an example from my friend Yana Bostongirl:

Yana Bostongirl on Vocal

I think on Medium the time has definitely come to tip and get tipped!

To give a writer who has provided you with an inspiring piece an extra amount of cash to thank them is lovely.

It’s wonderful to show our appreciation, support, love, and gratefulness this way because support warms the heart.

Final Takeaways — a coffee a day keeps the grumpy away

Final Takeaways — a coffee a day keeps the grumpy away

I believe that true fans and writers want to support each other.

I wonder:

Will you be one of the first Medium supporters to try this feature and warm my heart?

If so…

here’s my special gift for supporting my work:

I’ll feature and promote the first 7 (!) supporters.

Many thanks in advance.

What do you think about this new Medium upgrade?

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