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Introducing Medium’s New Tipping Survey

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Take part, share your feedback, and let’s shape the future of Medium together.

Medium offers a brand new tipping feature to reward writers! YEAH!

You can connect your Medium account with Ko-Fi, Patreon or PayPal and get tipped.

Additionally, people from non-Stripe countries such as India or Pakistan can now get rewarded for their writing too.

To give a writer who has provided you with an inspiring piece an extra amount of cash to thank them is lovely.

It’s wonderful to show our appreciation, support, love, and gratefulness this way because support warms the heart.

The current beta focuses on supporting writers through the process of tipping.

I’ve made $170 with my Ko-fi shop and gifted $25 so far in 2022.

However, there are some important questions we need to answer together:

  • Are we satisfied with the new feature?
  • How clear is the tipping process?
  • Do we want to pay the writers directly via Medium or via a third party as Ko-fi?
  • Do we want to get paid directly via Medium?

Here’s an excerpt from Medium’s latest survey:

You should have gotten an email from Medium with the title “We’d love your feedback on tipping”.

If you click on the Typeform link you can can answer the above mentioned questions in the survey. Here’s an excerpt:

Donation for non-profits

This goes out to the product team at Medium Breana Jones:

In the email, Medium stated:

To say thanks, Medium will donate $5 per response to one of several non-profits (up to $1,000). You can select your preferred non-profit at the end of the survey.

When I did the survey a few weeks back I couldn’t select a preferred non-profit at the end of the survey.

Side note: If you’re reading this and have already participated in the survey, please let me know whether you could choose a non-profit company to donate $5. Thanks

Final Takeaways

Medium is listening.

So don’t miss this awesome opportunity, share your feedback in the survey let’s shape the future of Medium together.

If you haven’t received the email or can’t find it in your email, try to click here.

© Kristina God

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