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Introducing Medium’s Reporting Tools

  • 2 min read

Dare to flag an account you suspect of spam or other rules violations

When Top Writers such as Barack Obama, Tim Denning, Tom Kuegler, or Jessica Wildfire follow you or leave a comment, be skeptical.

How you can check whether it’s a fake account

  • Does the account has followers?
  • Does the account has content?
  • Does the account recommend cryptocurrency, a penis enlargement (Yes! I was offered a free trial 😂) or a therapy?

How to flag an account?

You can always report, mute to block an author.

If you suspect an account of spam or other rules violations, click the three dots on the bottom of an article or comment to use your reporting tools.

screenshot by Kristina God; Your reporting tools on Medium

My recommendation is to flag a fake account in order to help the Medium team.

They will take a look at it.

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