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Introducing Medium’s Top 10 Publications In 2022 To Write For

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They are open to new writers and new submissions. Get to know the Top 10 Medium Publications and how to become a writer.

The biggest difference between Medium and other online writing platforms is its publications.

On Medium, there are about 13K publications.

Oftentimes we wonder who Medium’s Top Publications are.

Medium unfortunately doesn’t offer a list of its Top Publications.

Surprisingly, I found a site that ranks Medium’s Top Publications.

It’s called and it shows the Top 10 contributors.


This site ranks Medium’s biggest publications based on their follower count.

It says the Top 10 Medium Publications in 2022 are:

1 Matter

2 The Startup

3 FreeCodeCamp

4 Towards Data Science


6 Personal Growth


8 The Coinbase Blog

9 Startup Grind

10 UX Collective

Here’s a screenshot of the Toppubs leaderboard:

Here’s a screenshot of the Toppubs leaderboard:

Most of the publications are inactive

❌When I saw Matter — the original flagship publication of Medium — is leading the ranking, I started wondering.

So I found out that is not up to date!

⚠️Because when Ev Williams (Medium’s CEO and co-founder of Twitter) told us in late summer 2021, that he wants to help the individual (self-published) writer more…

…this came with a catch.

  • One, he slashed the funding for Medium’s Editorial Team.
  • Two, he also cut off the support for Medium-owned publications plus the big Medium Players.

Beloved, well-known, and credible Big Players such as…

shut down.

Additionally, Medium-owned publications closed their doors

So here’s a list of all big Medium publications that are still active and open for submissions — because that’s what you want to know when you’re reading this story.

You want to get published in a big publication to get seen and read by more people.

So the good news is there are still 10 big publications that are still active and open for submissions.

The list of Medium’s Top 10 Publications in 2022

1 The Startup/ Start it up (760K)

About: Get smarter at building your thing.

✔️To become a writer for Start it up and submit your story, go here:

2 Towards Data Science (636K)

About: Your home for data science. A Medium publication sharing concepts, ideas and codes.

✔️To become a writer for Towards Data Science and submit your story, go here:

3 Better Humans (338K)

About: Explore your potential, find a new level of productivity, live healthier, make an impact on the world. Edited by coaches based on results we’ve seen in the real world.

✔️To become a writer for Better Humans and submit your story, go here:

4 The Writing Cooperative (240k)

About: Medium’s largest collection of advice, support, and encouragement for writers. We help you become the best writer possible.

✔️To become a writer for The Writing Cooperative and submit your story, go here:

5 Entrepreneur’s Handbook (219K)

About: How to succeed in entrepreneurship; feat. founder stories, design articles, and startup deep dives that inspire your entrepreneurial journey.

✔️To become a writer for Entrepreneur’s Handbook and submit your story, go here:

6 Better Programming (207K)

About: Advice for programmers.

✔️To become a writer for Better Programming and submit your story, go here:

7 Mind Cafe (135K)

About: Relaxed, inspiring essays about happiness.

Followers: 135K

Editors: Adrian Drew Jordan Gross

✔️To become a writer for Mind Cafe and submit your story, go here:

8 Better Marketing (120K)

About: A publication by and for marketers. We publish marketing inspiration, case studies, career advice, tutorials, industry news, and more.

✔️To become a writer for Better Marketing and submit your story, go here:

9 Illumination (57K)

About: We curate and disseminate outstanding articles from diverse domains and disciplines to create fusion and synergy.

✔️To become a writer for Illumination and submit your story, go here:

10 Invisible Illness (52K)

About: We’ve created a publication called Invisible Illness to house all of the best stories on Medium about mental health and to help people find great stories and help spark even more conversation.

✔️To become a writer for Invisible Illness and submit your story, go here:

Top 3 Tips to get published in one of Medium’s Top Publications in 2022

  • 1 Read the Submission Guidelines thoroughly to know EXACTLY which types of articles the publication of your dreams does accept and how to properly format your story.
  • 2 Read a lot of articles of the Top Publication of your dreams before you write your draft and submit it to the publication.
  • 3 Write a nice email or leave a nice comment when you fill in the form to get accepted as a writer, leave a nice comment and a private note once you submit a piece.

Final Takeaways


Now you’ve learned the Top 10 Medium Publications in 2022 that are open for new writers.

Before you ask to become a writer, make sure your draft is ready!

What are you waiting for?

⭐The sky is the limit!⭐

Go ask to become a writer in the Top Publication of your dreams and submit your story!

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