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Introducing Medium’s Top 10 Writers In 2022

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Get to know the most influential writers on this platform.

Oftentimes new writers wonder who Medium’s Top Writers are.

Medium unfortunately doesn’t offer a list of its Top Writers.

However, back in 2021, I found a great source that claimed to rank Medium’s Top Writers based on follower count.

It wasn’t an official list by Medium but by which showed the Top 10 contributors.

Unfortunately, a few weeks after I had published my open critique about the, owner Mubashar Iqbal decided to delete the site instead of updating it.

So, to lay out what I did to find the Top 10 Writers on Medium in 2022, please take a look at the list from 2021 first. said that the Top 10 Medium Writers in 2021 were: said that the Top 10 Medium Writers in 2021 were:
screenshot Leaderboard

1 Gary Vaynerchuk (306K followers)

2 Tim O’Reilly (258K followers)

3 Benjamin Hardy, PhD (253K followers)

4 Larry Kim (233K followers)

5 Darius Foroux (232 followers)

6 Bernie Sanders (222K followers)

7 Ev Williams (221K followers)

8 Julie Zhuo (213K followers)

9 Jason Fried (213K followers)

10 Marc Andreessen (209K followers)

My criticism of the 2021 ranking

I even sent Mubashar Iqbal a message and asked him whether he’d update the list.

I didn't get a response but he deleted the site a few weeks after I had published the list.

Yes, followers are a vanity metric

I don’t believe in characterizing writers as Top Writers mainly based on their followers. Of course, there’s more to it.

From coaching a lot of Medium writers, I know there are people who only have a small following (1K–15K) but have thousands of reads a month.

Followers can be a vanity metric and you shouldn't be too impressed by it.

Take Gary V for instance: Gary has so many followers, possibly many from social media, who don’t even engage on Medium.

Writers like Tim Denning, on the other hand, contribute enormously, publishing multiple stories per day.

Nevertheless, followers plus consistency and activity is a great fit

In addition to the following, you can also consider these factors:

  • reads a month (e.g. 200K)
  • quality (e.g. high quality, value-driven)
  • consistency (e.g. 30+ stories)
  • activity (e.g. published something in the last 30 days)

Since we don’t have access to the statistics page of other authors, and I’m sure you’ll agree that quality is subjective, we can only verify that they are…

  • active and
  • are writing consistently.

In combination with their follower count, you can find out the Top Writers in 2022.

I asked the Medium community beforehand

Since you can’t sort Medium’s writers based on their following or per category,…

So, drum roll please🥁🥁, here’s the leaderboard of the Top Writers in 2022 (as of 7/18/22, based on the recommendations I received from you and the community and my research):

The Medium Top Writers in 2022

1 Tim Denning (294K followers)

2Darius Foroux (250K followers)

3 Ev Williams (224K followers)*

4 Scott Galloway (209K followers)

5 Barack Obama (174K followers)*

6 Anne Bonfert (119K followers)

7Jessica Wildfire (118K followers)

8 Ayodeji Awosika (97K followers)

9 Douglas Rushkoff (88K followers) / Ali Mese (88K followers)

10 Sean Kernan (76K followers)

Top Writer FAQ 2022

Why is Nicolas Cole not on the list?

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I LOVE Quora and Medium writer Nicolas Cole. He is a genius when it comes to writing online.

My friend Candice Zakariya even took part in his Ship30for30 course.

Of course, does he belong on the list on #8 (!) in regard to following (and popularity) but unfortunately not anymore in regard to activity and consistency.

He stopped writing on Medium in April 2022.

Cole, What a loss! I hope you’ll come back!

Where are Tom Kuegler and Shannon Ashley?

When I read others about the most “popular”, I normally read two names: Tom and Shannon.

Let’s start with Shannon:

  • A lot of you recommended Shannon Ashley (52K followers).
  • She posts consistently but compared to the others, she has a lower following of 52K followers.

What about Tom?

  • Tom Kuegler publishes three posts per week but his following is 62K followers.
  • Newsflash: Tom announced he’ll leave Medium with a big BANG at the end of 2022.

Who is Anne Bonfert at #6?

Her online writing journey shows ANYTHING is possible on Medium.

Like me, Anne Bonfert is from Germany.

She is a world-traveling skydiving instructor and takes beautiful nature photos.

She shares her travel stories and life journey, for instance, the passing of her beloved grandma, with us.

Medium likes her. That’s why Medium’s algorithm recommends her and her stories to thousands of people.

Within only a few months she has grown from zero (Feb 2021) to over 100K followers.

At the moment, she even has a teeny bit more followers than Jessica Wildfire.

Impressive, Anne. Keep on keeping on!

Why are Ev Williams and Barack Obama part of the ranking?

Yes, they have an unfair advantage BUT in my view, they belong on the list.

Obama is consistently sharing his opinion on political events, such as the assassination of Japan’s former Prime Minister.

Ev William’ announced that he will no longer chart Medium’s course.

Tony Stubblebine will steer the Medium ship in the future.

I guess Ev will also retreat from sharing corporate news and tell more personal stories, such as A personal photo essay/walk down memory lane.

Here’s why I take my hat off to Tim Denning

The boss in 7th place? And no Tim Denning in the top 10? Life is full of surprises. 🙂 Mario López-Goicoechea stated, when I shared the Top Writer list of 2021.

In fact, there was no Tim Denning on the 2021 list in regard to followers.

Within less than 12 months, Tim climbed from under 200K to around 300K (!) followers.

That’s impressive. My hat is off to you, Tim!

My personal Top Writers aren’t anywhere in the ranking!

I hear you.

Quality is subjective.

Plus, there are a lot of rising stars in our wonderful community.

As far as I’m concerned, there are a lot of writers on the list I really like reading.

BUT there are also a lot of other writers who I’d suggest as “Top Writers” who are not anywhere in the current ranking because they simply don’t have the following.

Nevertheless, their writing is truly inspiring and worthy of far greater exposure.

I need your help! Who else should be on the list? Is there anyone missing (criteria: following, consistency, and activity)?

© Kristina God

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