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Introducing The Angry Writer

  • 1 min read

His writing is triggered by anger and sadness.

Everyone feels, expresses, and acts on emotions differently.

Therefore it’s no wonder that there are many different kinds of writers.

So today, I want to introduce the common type I coined to describe…

The Angry Writer

The Angry Writer belongs to the darker side of Medium.

He doesn't belong to the writers who even when there’s disagreement, usually stay civil and respectful.

His writing is triggered by anger and sadness.

He wants to get into virtual fights to at least feel something.

For the Angry Writer, rage may come as a quick burst of emotion or linger long-term, but either way, the thing that calms him down is generally…writing a rant.

Rant = to (…) write (…) in a loud, uncontrolled, or angry way, often saying confused or silly things.

What’s a rant and what’s not? Find out here:

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