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Introducing The Full List Of Medium’s Top Writer Tags In 2022

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If you want to become a Top Writer on Medium, here’s the full list of tags that are eligible for Top Writer status plus the 3-Step-Process to win a shiny badge.

Ever wondered what it really takes to become a Top Writer in a specific category on Medium?

Then this is for you!

Writing online can seem like the ultimate dream — it’s one step on your way to more freedom in your life.

Writing online can feel so rewarding — financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Especially, if you’ve found a topic you love writing about.

Of course, you’d like to be rewarded by Medium with a shiny Top Writer badge.

But for most writers making that dream come true can feel like an impossible task.

They are trying to figure out the Top Writer puzzle but simply…

  • ⚠️don’t feel confident
  • ⚠️don’t know where to start

In fact, as a novice writer, the whole Medium-universe feels overwhelming.

If any of this sounds familiar, then you’re in the right place…

This article contains the exact 3-Step-Process of how to become a Top Writer on Medium.

But right now, you might wonder…

Who is this writer chick Kristina God? Is God even her real name?

Yes, it is.

Some even call me Medium Goddess or Short Form Goddess. haha.😂

I’m a professional Marketer with over 15+ years of experience. I’m a working Mom and Medium Top Writer with badges of honor in multiple categories.

From Writing to Social Media. From Finance to Business. From Diversity to LGBTQ. From Education to Future.

Here’s the proof:

Top Writer badges
Top Writer badges

… the list goes on and on and on.

I don’t share this to brag.

I share this to give you some social proof.

I was where you are right now 19 months ago!

I see you and I feel you.

I want to add that within the last past around 9 months, I’ve helped 100+ (new) Medium writers kickstart and promote their online writing, making anywhere from $100 per month in “passive income” within just a few months to scaling their earnings to $1k+.

Plus, I helped my students to shine and become Top Writers in their fields of interest (I’ll share some WOW-worthy testimonials later).

So, today, I’m super excited because this article is going to be so transformative for YOU.

It will give your clarity and confidence!

So, let’s jump right in and talk about not only the 3 Steps to become a Top Writer, but also about why it’s worth becoming one.

3 STep Process

STEP 1 — Know the Top Writer tags

I see many writers who use tags (=labels) that don’t have any chance of earning them a Top Writer badge.


⚠️Because they aren’t eligible for Top Writer status!

If you want to become Medium’s next Top Writer, you need to know which tags are eligible for Top Writer status.

Unfortunately, Medium doesn’t provide an official list. You have to do some research and check the different tag pages on Medium.

No worries. I did this for you.

For every tag (=category) you can get a shiny Top Writer badge if you’re one of the TOP 50 writers in this specific month.

This will be automatically generated and shown on your profile in the ABOUT section:

Here’s the list of the popular tags that are eligible for Top Writer status plus the number of published stories on Medium.

73 tags are eligible for Top Writer status in 2022

  1. Advice (84K published stories)
  2. Architecture (39K)
  3. Art (189K)
  4. Artificial Intelligence (177K)
  5. Bitcoin (326K)
  6. BlackLivesMatter (58K)
  7. Books (169K)
  8. Business (411K)
  9. Climate Change (97K)
  10. Cooking (30K)
  11. Creativity (162K)
  12. Culture (173K)
  13. Design (294K)
  14. Diversity (39K)
  15. Economics (79K)
  16. Education (382K)
  17. Energy (41K)
  18. Entrepreneurship (376K)
  19. Fashion (109K)
  20. Feminism (84K)
  21. Fiction (182K)
  22. Finance (164K)
  23. Food (189K)
  24. Future (61K)
  25. Gaming (124K)
  26. Government (63K)
  27. Health (462K)
  28. History (130K)
  29. Humor (179K)
  30. Ideas (44K)
  31. Innovation (126K)
  32. Inspiration (175K)
  33. Internet of Things (27K)
  34. Investing (140K)
  35. Journalism (64K)
  36. Leadership (200K)
  37. Life (666K)
  38. Life Lessons (558K)
  39. Love (439K)
  40. LGBTQ (69K)
  41. Mental Health (284K)
  42. Movies (180K)
  43. Music (265K)
  44. NBA (40K)
  45. Parenting (119K)
  46. Photography (148K)
  47. Poetry (572K)
  48. Politics (446K)
  49. Privacy (48K)
  50. Productivity (223K)
  51. Psychology (171K)
  52. Racism (70K)
  53. Reading (75K)
  54. Relationships (294K)
  55. Satire (58K)
  56. Science (125K)
  57. Self Driving Cars (19.3K)
  58. Self Improvement (431K)
  59. Short Story (175K)
  60. Social Media (281K)
  61. Space (34K)
  62. Sports (236K)
  63. Startup (536K)
  64. Sustainability (60K)
  65. Technology (454K)
  66. Television (78K)
  67. This Happened To Me (41K)
  68. Transportation (26K)
  69. Travel (375K)
  70. Venture Capital (68K)
  71. Virtual Reality (45K)
  72. Women In Tech (34K)
  73. Writing (437K)

How to use this list?

A lot of writers asked me for a new version of my very popular 2021 Top Writer Tags list.

This list is the updated version.

The list shows that in 2022, 73 tags are eligible for Top Writer status on Medium. I didn’t list #Election2016 anymore because it’s outdated.

🚀PRO TIP: I teach my students that you can see the level of competition based on the stories published + the amount of writers.

Example: Low competition — high opportunity to become a Top Writer

Example: Low competition — high chance to become a Top Writer

On Medium, for the Top Writer tag #Virtual Reality there are…

  • (only) 45k stories published
  • (only) 20K writers writing about this topic and using the tag

👉This means for you: If you’re interested in this topic, you’re chances are high to becoming one of the 50 Top Writers in this category.

👉Other low-hanging fruits: #Space, #Cooking, #NBA and #Privacy.

Example: High competition — more effort is needed to become a Top Writer

Example: High competition — more effort is needed to become a Top Writer

On Medium, for the Top Writer tag #Technology there are…

  • whopping 454k stories published
  • 162K writers are writing about this topic and using the tag

👉This means for you: If you’re interested in this topic, you need to put more effort into becoming one of the 50 Top Writers in this category.

👉Reach for the stars: #Life, #Self Improvement, #Health, #Life Lessons

STEP 2— Tag correctly

For step 2 you need to know how to tag correctly.

Before we learn the HOW I want to share with you WHY tags are so important on Medium.

Why are tags on Medium so important?

With tags (=labels) you can…

  • tell your audience what your story is about
  • optimize your story
  • gain more exposure
  • be seen and read
  • make your story get found on Medium

Adding relevant tags to your post will help with its discoverability around the platform. Medium

… and of course, you can become a Top Writer in your field of interest and expertise!

If you want to add a tag to a draft, do this:

  1. Go to the draft you want to add tags to and click Publish.
  2. Type in your tag and press Enter to confirm or choose one from the drop-down list. You can add up to 5 tags.

If you want to add tags to a published story or change tags:

  1. Go to your story and click the three-dot button in the top-right corner. Choose Edit story.
  2. In edit mode, click the three-dot button in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. From the drop menu, click Change tags.
- You can add up to 5 tags to tell Medium’s algorithm what your story is all about. Use of ALL of them.
- Mix specific, relevant tags with Top Writer tags!

STEP 3 — Tag Over and Over Again!

Well done, my friend.

Now you know the tags that are eligible for Top Writer status and how to tag correctly.

In step 3, it’s crucial to use the same Top Writer tags over and over again.

Example: Let’s say you love to write about the #Future.

  • By publishing several stories with the tag #Future, you’ll be recognized by Mediums’s algorithm.
  • You may receive an email from Medium saying you’re a Top Writer in this specific tag. Additionally, Medium shares the stories that made an impact — with views and fans.

Here’s an example from #Music:

You’ll be more visible for Medium’s curators. They see that you’re an expert in your field and publish consistently.
- This helps you to get curated and chosen for further distribution.

4 Wow-worthy Testimonials that show anything is possible

  • 🌟The ultimate powerhouse, Certified Coach, Mom, and owner of 2 pubs, Megan Llorente, became a Top Writer in #Inspiration and #Short Story
  • 🌟Superwoman June Kirri got rewarded by Medium with 4 shiny badges, for instance in #Culture and #Mental Health.
  • 🌟Marilyn Glover, editor of New Writers Welcome, grandma and incredible voice, became a Top Writer in #This happened to me and #Parenting.
  • 🌟The wonderful Teresa Morillas who has specified on debunking nutritional myths, became a Top Writer in #Food within 20 days of my Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp.

I could tell you stories for DAYS, friend.

But instead, I want you to focus on being the star of your own story…

Final Takeaways

3 Step Process


I’m virtually high-fiving you!🤚

If you’ve read this story thoroughly, you’ve learned…

(STEP 1) the 73 tags that are eligible for Top Writer status 2022.

(STEP 2) how to tag correctly.

(STEP 3) and why you should tag your stories in a specific category over and over again.

I hope now you’re more confident and know EXACTLY where to start.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go get your badges and become Medium’s next Top Writer.

© Kristina God

Watch my latest video for more:

Psst… One last thing… I want you to really see results! So, I’ve created a free resource for you: You can download the list as a printable PDF for FREE, print it out, and mark which tags are important for you!

👇 Grab your free List Of Medium’s Top Writer Tags in 2023 as PDF👇

Oh, and if you’re not yet a Medium member, don’t miss this opportunity and join today!

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