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Introducing The Full List Of Medium’s Top Writer Tags In 2023

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If you want to become a Top Writer on Medium, here’s the full list of tags that are eligible for Top Writer status plus the 3-Step-Process to win a shiny badge.

Ever wondered what it really takes to become a Top Writer on Medium and why it’s worth becoming one?

Then this article is for you!

Here is what the article covers:

· Who is Kristina God?
· STEP 1 — Know the Top Writer tags
 ∘ Why tagging is important
 ∘ What most writers are doing wrong
· 73 tags are eligible for Top Writer status in 2023
STEP 2 — Tag correctly
STEP 3 — Get strategic about becoming a Top Writer
· High competition = Small Chance!
· Low competition = Big Chance!
· 3 Wow-worthy Testimonials
High-level tips and tricks
· Top Writer FAQ

Writing online can seem like the ultimate dream — it’s one step on your way to more freedom in your life.

Writing online can feel so rewarding — financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

However, especially if you’re new to the whole Medium experience you might feel lost.


  • ⚠️don’t feel confident
  • ⚠️don’t know where to start and feel confused
  • ⚠️feel frustrated and disappointed
  • ⚠️struggle and make a lot of mistakes

I get it!

There are over 1,000 unique tags on Medium.

Especially if you’re new to Medium, the whole Medium universe feels overwhelming.

But no worries, today is your lucky day.

I’ve got you covered!

All you need to do is LISTEN to my hard-won wisdom.

My promise: my actionable advice will help you become a Top Writer on Medium.

If any of this sounds familiar, then you’re in the right place…

Oh, good news: not every tag is eligible for Top Writer status.

Bad news: how to figure out which one to pick?

No matter where you’re at on your Medium journey, you don’t need to have it all figured out.

This is your permission slip to learn as you go. You’re capable of SO much more than you think.

Before getting to the core article’s topics, let me quickly introduce myself and share my Medium journey.

Who is Kristina God?

If you don’t know by now, I’ve been actively writing on the Medium platform since December 2020.

To date, I published over 1,400 stories, discovered my writing niche that resonates with people, and earn on average 5 figures from the Medium Partner Program.

Some even call me Medium Goddess or Short Form Goddess. haha.😂

I’m a Medium Top Writer with batches of honor in multiple categories and I’m a marketing professional.

From Writing to Artificial Intelligence. From Finance to Business. From Diversity to LGBTQ. From Education to Future. From Television to Books…. I got them (almost) all.

⭐Here’s the proof:

top writer badges in multiple categories

… the list goes on and on and on.

I don’t share this to brag.

I like to document my findings and create value for you in the process.

I share this to give you some social proof and to say “YES! Kristina” to my guidance that will help you get to where you want to go.

Trust me…

I was where you are right now 27 months ago!

I see you and I feel you.

I want to add that within the last past around 16 months, I’ve helped 150+ (new) Medium writers kickstart and promote their online writing, making anywhere from $100 per month in “passive income” within just a few months to scaling their earnings to $1K.

Plus, I helped my students to shine and become Top Writers in their fields of interest (I’ll share 3 Wow-worthy testimonials later).

So, today, I’m super excited because this article is going to be so transformative for YOU.

It will give your clarity and confidence!

So, let’s jump right in and talk about not only the 3 Steps to becoming a Top Writer but also about why it’s worth becoming one.

STEP 1 — Know the Top Writer tags

Kristina’s 3-step process to become a Medium Top Writer

First of all, you need to understand why tagging your story is so important.

With tags, you can…

  • gain more exposure
  • be seen and read
  • make your stories discoverable around the Medium platform
  • become an authority in your category
  • gain credibility
  • rank #1 on Google
  • get recognized by Medium’s algorithm
  • get recognized by Medium’s human curators as someone who writes regularly about a specific topic

What most writers are doing wrong

Unfortunately, I see many writers who use tags (=labels, hashtags, categories, topics) that don’t have any chance of earning them a Top Writer badge.


⚠️Because they aren’t eligible for Top Writer status!

If you want to become Medium’s next Top Writer, you need to know which tags are eligible for Top Writer status.

Unfortunately, Medium doesn’t provide an official list where you can see those tags. You have to do your own research and check the different tag pages on Medium.

No worries. I did this for you.

Here’s the list of the most popular tags that are eligible for Top Writer status in 2023 plus the number of published stories on Medium.

73 tags are eligible for Top Writer status in 2023

  1. Advice (97K published stories)
  2. Architecture (42K)
  3. Art (209K)
  4. Artificial Intelligence (219K)
  5. Bitcoin (350K)
  6. BlackLivesMatter (59K)
  7. Books (189K)
  8. Business (475K)
  9. Climate Change (106K)
  10. Cooking (34K)
  11. Creativity (181K)
  12. Culture (192K)
  13. Design (314K)
  14. Diversity (42K)
  15. Economics (88K)
  16. Education (417K)
  17. Energy (45K)
  18. Entrepreneurship (399K)
  19. Fashion (122K)
  20. Feminism (89K)
  21. Fiction (204K)
  22. Finance (213K)
  23. Food (211K)
  24. Future (73K)
  25. Gaming (140K)
  26. Government (68K)
  27. Health (520K)
  28. History (149K)
  29. Humor (197K)
  30. Ideas (53K)
  31. Innovation (133K)
  32. Inspiration (196K)
  33. Internet of Things (29K)
  34. Investing (160K)
  35. Journalism (67K)
  36. Leadership (216K)
  37. Life (736K)
  38. Life Lessons (610K)
  39. Love (478K)
  40. LGBTQ (75K)
  41. Mental Health (333K)
  42. Movies (193K)
  43. Music (283K)
  44. NBA (42K)
  45. Parenting (129K)
  46. Photography (158K)
  47. Poetry (625K)
  48. Politics (471K)
  49. Privacy (52K)
  50. Productivity (251K)
  51. Psychology (205K)
  52. Racism (74K)
  53. Reading (85K)
  54. Relationships (335K)
  55. Satire (64K)
  56. Science (140K)
  57. Self Driving Cars (19.7K)
  58. Self Improvement (498K)
  59. Short Story (193K)
  60. Social Media (306K)
  61. Space (38K)
  62. Sports (251K)
  63. Startup (558K)
  64. Sustainability (68K)
  65. Technology (524K)
  66. Television (80K)
  67. This Happened To Me (50K)
  68. Transportation (29K)
  69. Travel (404K)
  70. Venture Capital (73K)
  71. Virtual Reality (48K)
  72. Women In Tech (36K)
  73. Writing (499.2K)

You can download this list for FREE by clicking here!

STEP 2 — Tag correctly

Often writers do not tag properly and wonder why they are not among the Top Writers in their favorite category.

My tip:

  • ⚠️Given the fact that each article you write can handle only 5 tags at most, to become a top writer you need to choose your 5 best.
  • ⚠️If you want to make the list for #Politics, for example, make sure to include the #Politics tag on your stories about politics.
  • ⚠️My recommendation is that you mix relevant tags that are eligible for
    Top Writer Status and more specific niche ones.

If you want to add a tag to a draft, do this:

how to tag
  • Go to the draft you want to add tags to and click on the three-dot menu.
  • Then you go on “Change Topics”. Now you can add your tags.

If you want to add tags to an already published story or change tags:

  1. Go to your story and click the three-dot button in the top-right corner. Choose Edit story.
  2. In edit mode, click the three-dot button in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. From the drop menu, click Change tags.

Excursus — Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Tags

For SEO purposes, adding relevant tags is also very important.

Big companies like Medium, Quora, and YouTube want creators to add tags in their posts because “they have a value and the algorithm recommendations depend upon the relevant tags in a story”.

When a search engine crawl visits your blog post then it also recognizes “tags” and this helps you get ranked on search results.

This is why the Medium Creators recommend adding popular tags to your Medium stories because this will help you get ranked in search engines.

Thanks to my tag strategy I rank on page #1 on Google.

Here’s an example:

google search result, I ranked on page one

If you want to rank #1 on Google, here’s more.

Step 3 — Get strategic about becoming a Top Writer

Well done, my friend.

Now you know the tags that are eligible for Top Writer status and how to tag correctly.

In step 3, you’ll learn how to be strategic about becoming a Top Writer.

The Top Writer list shows that in 2023, 73 tags are eligible for Top Writer status on Medium.

For every tag, you can get a shiny Top Writer badge if you’re one of the Top 50 writers.

I teach my students that you can be strategic about becoming a Top Writer.

Here’s how:

You can see the level of competition based on the stories published and the number of writers.

Example: High competition = Small Chance!

On Medium, for the Top Writer tag #Technology you can see on the tag page…

Tag oage Technology on Medium
#Technolgy Tag Page on Medium

that there are…

  • whopping 524k stories published
  • 183K writers write about this topic and use the tag. That’s a big pool of writers.
  • 3.8 published stories per writer

👉If you are interested in this topic, you will have to work harder to be among the Top 50 writers in this category, because the competition is fierce.

👉However, if you reach for the stars and make it, it’s very likely that your views, reads and revenue will skyrocket.

As you probably know, if you’ve read one of my meta stories about Medium, the platform is mostly a Technology, Science, Personal Development, and Relationships blog.

Especially programming and software development are hot topics with which you can earn good money and gain many referrals.

Top categories on Medium according to Similarweb
SimilarWeb Pro

There are also hundreds of #Personal Development and #Relationships gurus on this platform who will tell you how to live your life — healthier, wealthier, and happier.

Here are the most popular tags on Medium

  1. Poetry (625K)
  2. Life Lessons (610K)
  3. Technology (524K)
  4. Health (520K)
  5. Writing (499.2K)
  6. Self Improvement (498K)
  7. Business (475K)
  8. Travel (404K)
  9. Entrepreneurship (399K)
  10. Bitcoin (350K)

👉You can download the list for FREE here!

Example: Low competition = Big Chance!

So now let’s go to for instance the tag page of #Virtual Reality.

This topic also belongs to the top categories and is eligible for Top Writer status but there is low competition.

This means a high opportunity to become a Top Writer.

Tag page virtual reality on Medium
#Virtual Reality Tag Page on Medium

On Medium, for the Top Writer tag #Virtual Reality, there are…

  • (only) 48K stories published
  • (only) 22K writers writing about this topic and using the tag
  • (only) 2 stories published per writer

👉If you’re interested in this topic, you’re chances are high to become one of the 50 Top Writers in this category.

👉Other low-hanging fruits such as #Space, #Cooking, #NBA and #Privacy.

When we use smaller-sized tags our story stays for a longer time in the recent section of that particular tag.

Here are the Top 10 Tags with low competition:

  1. Self Driving Cars (19.7K)
  2. Transportation (29K)
  3. Internet of Things (29K)
  4. Cooking (34K)
  5. Women In Tech (36K)
  6. Space (38K)
  7. Architecture (42K)
  8. NBA (42K)
  9. Energy (45K)
  10. This Happened To Me (50K)

👉 You can download the list for FREE here!

3 Wow-worthy Testimonials that show anything is possible

What I shared with you aren’t the only things that worked for me personally.

To motivate you I want to show you three wow-worthy testimonials that show anything is possible — even if you are a new writer on Medium with a small following.

Ruth Houston — Top Writer #NFL around Super Bowl

Ruth followed my advice and used the Top Writer tag #NFL strategically around Super Bowl.

Within a few days, she became a Top Writer in this category.

Ruht Houston’s About page on Medium
Ruth Houston About

Chris Thompson — Top Writer #Education and #Parenting

Chris did not also become a Top Writer in #Education and #Parenting, he also joined the $100 Club on Medium.

Only 6–8% of writers earn $100 per month.

Chris Thompsons’s about page on Medium
Chris Thompson About

June Kirri — Top Writer in multiple categories, #Feminism at the moment

June took my “Medium Kickstarter Program” in 2022 and received very quickly several badges of honor. For instance in popular categories such as #Culture and #Mental Health

At the moment she’s writing a lot about #Feminism and holds a Top Writer badge in this category.

June Kirri’s About page on Medium
June Kirri About

I could tell you stories for days, friend.

But instead, I want you to focus on being the star of your own story…I want you to see results for yourself.

If you’ve come so far… you really deserve to be told a secret!

In the past, when you managed to become a Top Writer on Medium, the email they sent you linked to an unlisted article.

Medium’s unlisted article on becoming a Top Writer
unlisted story from 2017

In this article, Medium explained more about the overall system of becoming a Top Writer.

Here are the three big takeaways:

1 — Engagement

Medium’s system prioritizes writers who publish stories that garner significant reading time.

Publish stories that engage your readers by following my tips.

2 — Consistency

Top writers publish stories about their topic frequently, tagging them with relevant tags.

Frequent writers on Medium with popular stories tagged travel
screenshot 2017

3 — Audience

The more readers that find and read your stories, the more likely you will become a top writer.

Developing a loyal audience matters here.

There are some writers that have a good amount of followers but still, they receive very little engagement on their new Medium stories.

If you want to get a Top Writer status on Medium then you will get it very easily if you have a loyal follower base.

“The more readers that find and read your stories, the more likely you will become a top writer. Continue exploring ways to grow your loyal following, building momentum with each story.”

Based on these insights, here are some valuable nuggets I teach my students:

High-level tips and tricks I teach in my Bootcamp

1 — Use a compelling headline to draw people into your story.

Of course, you can simply copy successful headlines from others.

My recommendation: create your own compelling headline. If you need a little AI help. Sharetrough Headline Analyzer can help you.

2 — You earn money based on reading time.

So you want to increase your reading time. Make sure to write short sentences. Use simple words and be precise.

3 — Use a CTA

A CTA, Call To Action, helps you to gain engagement.

You share an opinion piece. Why not end your story by asking your readers:

“Agree or disagree?”

4 — Be or become an expert

Medium will support real experts more.

The more frequently you write about your expertise (and tag it), the better your chances of making the list.

Experts are people who have…

a — real-life experience and sharing their subjective opinion and lessons learned

b — have a professional background in a specific category, for instance, #Technology

If you’re an expert show it. Social proof is super important.

5 — Don’t post and ghost

A lot of the top earners who post every day do it.

Don’t do it yourself! Answer as many comments as possible to really connect and interact with your audience.

6 — Never post your story only once

You’re missing out if you’re just posting your story on Medium.

Plus, Tony Stubblebine wants us to share our stories in order to get boosted by Medium.

If Medium sees that there are many people interested in our story, it’s more likely to get recommended.

If you get boosted, Medium helps you to be seen and read. It’s worth it.

A boost increases your chances to become a Top Writer.

The more engagement in your stories, the higher your stories get on the tag pages.

7 — Amplify your stories

I’m the “Queen of Short Form” here on Medium, some say.

I love to make some noise by promoting my long-form stories via shorties.

Short-form posts can be a powerful vehicle to gain more views and reads.

8 — It’s smart to participate in challenges and prompts

On a weekly basis, Medium offers writing prompts.

They share them on their blog.

Additionally, individual writers invite you to join a challenge. You can help and push each other by participating and engaging with each other.

9— Getting published in a big publication

Medium has 10 Top Publications.

Writing for Top Publications can certainly help expedite the process of becoming a Top Writer, but even more important than that is the act of consistently tagging your articles with your top tags!

⭐Top Writer FAQ⭐

Top Writer FAQ

I bet you still have a lot of questions. Here are some that I get asked regularly.

How do I know whether I’m a Top Writer on Medium?

Often I get asked how to know whether you’re a Top Writer or not.

Short answer: There are two options.

Option 1: Per Email.

When you’re named a top writer in a tag, you’ll receive an email to let you know.

Top Writer badge in Music
Top Writer email

In the email, Medium also shares the stories that made an impact — with views and fans — from 60 to 6K views.

Option 2: In your About Page

Beyond being featured on tag pages, your profile will also proudly display the tags in which you’re a top writer, so potential followers can quickly see your expertise.

You can go to your About page and then scroll down and there you can see it.

About page Kristina God on Medium
About page Kristina God

As you can see, I’m Top Writer in eight categories this month. These are the topics I write about the most at the moment.

Medium will automatically show your badges on your profile.

How long does it take to become a Top Writer?

It’s true.

It will not happen overnight.

But if you post consistently, you’ll win soon and see results!

With every post, your self-confidence will grow because you’re taking action.

Of course, people want to become a Top Writer in the shortest possible time.

What’s the faster way to become a Top Writer on Medium?

The fastest way to become a Top Writer on a specific topic is to have a viral story in this topic.

Can I become a Top Writer in all 73 categories?

Yes, in theory, you can.

Can I lose a badge?

Once you get into a Top Writer list there is huge pressure to keep writing and publishing to stay there.

If you stop writing in a specific category you’re a Top Writer in, will drop down gradually and eventually drop off the list as other writers get more views and reads.

How often will the list be updated?

It’s fluid.

These lists update daily and always show writers who are publishing quality content about a specific topic on a regular basis.

How many views do I need to get a Top Writer badge?

It depends.

When Medium informs you about becoming a Top Writer, they also show you the stories that made an impact:

email Medium #Music Top Writer
email Medium #Music Top Writer

For the tag #Music, one story got 60 views, and another one 6K.

I want to spy on my competitors. Where can I see which tags they use?

You can see the tags someone uses at the bottom of the story.

tags Kristina God at the bottom of a story
tags Kristina God

Can I also become a Top Writer in a niche category?

You can’t become an official top writer in a niche category but there’s still a Tag Page where you can check out whether you are one of the 50 Top Writers in this category or if you are even one of the top five.

But they are not eligible so Medium won’t show this on your profile.

I want to learn more. Where can I get more information?

On my brand new YouTube channel!

I have a new trending tutorial video on how to become a Top Writer on Medium.

Check it out and ask me anything you want!


Kristina’s 3-Step Process to become a Top Writer on Medium

I’m virtually high-fiving you!🤚

Oprah Winfrey congratulating in red dress

Becoming a Top Writer on Medium plays a key role in whether or not you can find success on this platform, there’s no denying it.

Getting a top writer status is the best thing that could happen to you after getting boosted and being published in a popular publication.

Now you know the three-step process to become a Top Writer on Medium in 2023.

I hope now you’re more confident and know exactly where to start.

Believe me, you have what it takes, and I’m cheering you on every step of the way.

You’ve got this and you better believe I am in your corner always.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go get your first badge and become Medium’s next Top Writer.

P.S. Psst… One last thing… I want you to really see results! So, I’ve created a free resource for you: You can download the list as a printable PDF for FREE. Print it out, and mark which tags are important for you!

👇 Grab your free List Of Medium’s Top Writer Tags in 2023 👇

P.S.S. To get an invite to the “Medium Kickstarter Bootcamp”, join Kristina’s Substack newsletter.

Please support my work on Medium and get unlimited access by becoming a member using my referral link here. Have a lovely day!

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