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Introducing: The Medium “Boost Button”

  • 1 min read

To recommend another fellow Medium writer.

When Tony dropped the bombshell and announced Medium will…

  • pay pro bono editors and owners of publications
  • give publications boost access to really recommend stories and boost them on Medium to be more seen
  • pay writers more by helping them to gain more views when they share quality content

RayRay recommended in the comments sections another great feature:

“(…) there should be a feature that we as authors can also recommend stories from other authors on our profile. That will help other authors that I Admire; this gives my readers more to read”

At the moment we can boost other writers by…

  • mentioning them in our stories/newsletter
  • linking to their stories
  • sharing their stories on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin

On Substack, there is now a “cross-posting” button which I used to promote “The Side Hustle Guide” and Marx D.

I’d love a “Medium boost button” to recommend other writers!

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