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Introducing The Medium Conversation Prism To Generate An Infinite Stream Of Fresh Content

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This strategy is used by Medium’s Top writers and the world’s most prolific writers.

If you want to create an infinite stream of fresh content you have plenty of options at your disposal to choose from as a new blogger.

You can do your regular written posts but also add audio, video, or other visual formats.

Actually, it can be in your interest to do more than one.

When you create a piece of content in one format, there’s a huge opportunity there to repurpose that content and share it again in a different format.

You can use that as a way to promote the original content or to deliver the same message to a completely different audience.

You can turn your Medium blog post into…

  • video.
  • an infographic.
  • audio.
  • video with slides.
  • newsletter
  • social media content by sharing quotes and graphics.

The possibilities here are endless.

Concrete example:

I took this popular short form post…

…and turned it into a short video of 60 seconds for YouTube as well as for TikTok.

Repurposing is one of the most valuable secrets of content creation.

It’s such a simple and effective way to extract additional value from your existing content.

Plus, you can grow your audience by reaching people who may prefer a different format.

If I could start all over again I would change this one thing…

If you feel already overwhelmed with writing on Medium and the idea of adding another channel, I can totally relate.

I felt the same when I started blogging 23 months ago.

If I could start all over again I would definitely not put all eggs in one basket (Medium) and focus on Medium and only Medium.

From day one I would promote my original Medium content and deliver the same message to a completely different audience on other platforms to be louder (!) and make some noise.

NOISE! Yes. That’s what you need to make in a sea of noise where you’re competing with millions of other bloggers, new writer.

The Conversation Prism for new Medium writers

You might be familiar with the Conversation Prism.

It shows all social media platforms on the internet.

As a new writer, here are the Top Platforms you need to know to repurpose your content and create an infinite stream of fresh content from day one:

Kristina God’s Medium Conversation Prism

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Medium makes it easy for you to connect your Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter accounts with Medium to share your stories and quotes.

Additionally, you can share the work of others.

Bonus tip: Besides simply sharing your stories you can also create threads on Twitter using your Medium posts.

  • You can write specific short and sweet (personal) stories for LinkedIn related to work.
  • On Facebook, you can join Facebook communities for Medium writers and bloggers.


Many new writers don’t know about this platforms.

It was developed by a fellow Medium writer to amplify your stories and to broaden your readership.

You simply copy and paste the link to your latest Medium story and share it on the platform.

Learn more.

YouTube and TikTok

Shorts are booming on TikTok and YouTube. Recently, YouTube announced that you’ll get paid more for shorts starting next year.

Shorts are 60-sec videos.

You can create these videos by using short form stories you’ve written on Medium.

On a daily basis, I publish two short form posts. Some call me the “Shortform Queen”. I make use of my backlog of well-performing short form stories and record videos using my posts as scripts.

Follow me on YouTube.

Follow me on TikTok.


You’d love to add audio to your Medium stories or create your own podcast. Sure thing!

You can add audio to your blog post with Soundcloud.

Here are my instructions.

Buy me a coffee, Ko-fi and Medium’s tipping tool

I love Medium’s new tipping tool.

If you haven’t set it up yet, you’re missing out.

You can connect it Buy me a coffee or Ko-fi. These platforms allow your readers to donate some money and buy you a virtual coffee.

Once you’ve created your own coffee shop, you can also share your recent Medium posts via the platform.

Buy me a ko-fi to say THANKS!

Here’s all you need about Medium’s new tipping feature and the coffee shop options.


An email list is still the most effective way to generate traffic and revenue on demand.

When writing on Medium I recommend also creating a Substack newsletter.

You can republish your best-performing content there OR create fresh unique content and link to your Medium stories as I do.

Join my Substack newsletter now!


Gumroad is a self-publishing digital marketplace.

If you’re writing on Medium, you can also sell an ebook on Medium to implement some kind of revenue model on top of blogging.

All of your posts are the beginning of your eBook.

It’s the fast track to building a brand and making some extra cash.

only available for subscribers

Here’s how to start your own Gumroad shop in less than 3 minutes.

Udemy (Podia, Teachable, Thinkific, Skillshare)

“The Online Course Lab”.

If you love to write about one specific topic why not create an online course?

Your blog posts could be the script for the online course you’re selling.

If you want to learn how to create an online course, leave a comment or check out “The Online Course Lab”.

Bottom Line

If you’ve come that far that’s super cool!

My success comes from many, many long hours and plenty of failure and trial and error along the way.

I’m hoping to give you a little bit of an edge with this blog post.

Have fun repurposing your content to create an infinite stream of fresh content ideas from day one!

I’m curious. Are there any tips or platforms you would add?

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