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Introducing The Medium Member Cash Giveaway

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Tomorrow may be your lucky day

Four times in a row Medium paid out bonuses. A few days ago, they awarded a new and self-published writer with the Grand Prize and $60K.

The 100 Top honorable mentions received $100.

$100 will be given away again!

It’s a so-called ‘Medium Member Cash Giveaway’.

Surprisingly, this giveaway won’t be from Medium but from a fellow writer.

Her name is Edina Abena Jackson:

I love hosting cash giveaways to give back to my followers.

The rules:

✅You need to follow Edina Abena Jackson on Medium

✅You need to be an active member (write content, publish content at least once a week)

✅share this article on Twitter.

leave a comment on her article.

The deadline is 31st October 2021.

It’s worth following Edina! She’s in the middle of a 400 short form Writing Challenge.

© Kristina God

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