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Introducing The New Bing Search Engine Powered By ChatGPT

  • 2 min read

This is what Google’s biggest competitor could look like in the future.

Google is the number one search engine in the world.

In second place comes Bing.

To become the most successful search engine in the world, Microsoft is in the middle of integrating OpenAI’s ChatGPT into its search engine.

If you’ve been wondering what Bing’s collaboration with ChatGPT will look like, here’s a sneak peek into the new Bing!

It’s common for tech giants to roll out new stuff to a tiny subset of people.

Designer and student Owen Yin managed to get a glance at the future of Bing.

On Twitter Owen shared:

  • Bing’s chat bar will become a chatbox with natural language queries.
  • Bing will ask you (follow-up) questions and you can really interact with it.
  • Microsoft’s Bing does the research for you and cites sources at the end of its response.
  • Bing gets creative for you and writes short stories, summaries, or poems for you.

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