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Introducing The Sponsorship Winner Of The Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp

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Today may be your lucky day!

During the last past week, new as well as aspiring writers had the possibility to apply for a life-changing sponsorship.

Last weekend, Robert Ralph surprised the community with a generous offer.

He decided to “sponsor” one lucky winner to attend my Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp in February 2022 at no cost.

It excites me to see people develop, and those who have recently completed the course have praised the work that Kristina has put into it. Robert Ralph

14 writers submitted their pieces to New Writers Welcome.

Scot Butwell Graham Cooke Kathy K John Rehg Love'Nia Renee Jean Elizabeth Glass Lucy Socha Bernie Pullen WrittenMastery Lucia Landini Kim MarkfromBoston M.J.Rausch Ruchi Gucci told Robert Ralph and me WHY they want to join the Boot Camp and WHY they need it.

Yesterday evening, we hopped on a Zoom call together and realized:

It’s really a tough decision.

So we decided to sleep on it.

A few hours ago, Robert and I selected the top 3 contenders. 🤩 🥳

The applicants were neck to neck but we had to select one winner.

In this video, I‘ll reveal who the winner🏅is:

Drum roll🥁🥁🥁…

Kristina God on YouTube

Everyone deserves to have their moment and their chance. Robert Ralph

Thanks to New Writers Welcome

Our motto is #Strongertogether.

New Writers Welcome aims to help people develop and enhance their current skill set, whether writing for fun, side hustle, or full-time writing career. Everyone deserves to have their moment and their chance.

We have been delighted to work with Kristina and sponsor a writer so they have the chance to be part of Kristina’s online and interactive course. Robert Ralph

Many thanks to Robert and his dedicated editing team Sally Prag Francesca Dallaglio Andrey Pilipets Marilyn Glover.

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