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Introverts Have A Special Gift And Power

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I want you to know this

I love Yana Bostongirl.

A few hours ago, we had a Zoom call together. Before we said goodbye she asked me:

Did you imagine my real voice to be like this?

I said

I thought it would be much stronger.

Now, I’m sorry I said that. My husband is an introvert too, Yana.

10 years ago, when we met, his voice was a bit quiet BUT I really fell in love with his personality and with what he had to say!

Fast forward to today, my husband’s voice is still soft and caring but much stronger.

For me, introverts have a special power and gift!

They don’t need to be louder.

We just need to be quiet, shut up and LISTEN.

Stay exactly the way you are, Yana!

You have SO much to say.


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