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Is Getting 49k Claps and 300 Comments a Thing of the Past?

  • 2 min read

It depends.

Back in 2019, MaryBeth wrote a crazy viral story for the publication P.S. I LOVE YOU: “Why Women Lose Interest — It’s Two Things”

49k claps and 300 comments?

That’s insane, isn’t it?

Have you seen this within the last past months on Medium?

The gold rush days are over, they say.

However, with Medium’s new Boost, there are stories that get up to 500k views.

Zulie Rane’s story “I Paid a Professional to Edit a ChatGPT-Written Article — Hilarity Ensued” got Boosted. On YouTube, she shared that this story has made around $1,000. She now has 11k claps and 170 comments.

There are others (non-Top Writers) who get thousands of views on their stories but only a few claps and comments… and earn more than Zulie.

So, claps and comments aren’t everything. Even when you see a post with little engagement, it can still be successful.

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