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Is Medium Missing A Tipping Culture?

  • 2 min read

Yes or no?

I love Medium’s new cooky jar and was one of the first to inform the community about it.

Yesterday, several stories popped up in my feed, sharing insights about it.

Most of them were sharing that you shouldn’t get your hopes up too much about tips on Medium.

In my view, most of them underestimate the power of tipping.

  • YouTube introduced the Super Fans tipping feature.
  • Vocal has a tipping feature.
  • Buy me a coffee and Ko-fi is blowing up to fund creators.

There’s definitely a tipping culture on the rise.

As a student, I once worked for tips as a server.

That’s not a dirty thing to do. The tips motivated me to keep going.

Medium is simply missing a tipping culture.

Readers aren’t used to it YET but they will!

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