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Is Medium Still Buzzy?

  • 1 min read

lively and exciting as a nice pub or bar

I was on Maui once and found a lively bar to hang out at every night on the island.

They were playing live music with ukuleles.

They were serving exotic cocktails, and super delicious food and were exceptionally friendly.

I’d call this bar “buzzy”.

Is Medium still buzzy?

Silicon Valley editor and reporter Casey Newton has the answer:

“The publishing platform is no longer as buzzy as it was in the early 2010s…”

When Tony Stubblebine became Medium’s new CEO he wrote a critical piece about the future of Medium.

About the mistakes Medium made, and that it’s no longer as lively and exciting as it used to be.

I assume business changes and business pivots aren’t the secret sauce to make Medium exciting.

What should Medium do/offer to make this blogging place “buzzy” again?

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