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Is Money Your Motive For Writing Online?

  • 1 min read

One day it will pass.

Oftentimes I hear friends and family say: I’ll be happy, when XY…

  • I’ll have a house
  • I’ll have kids
  • I’ll get the promotion
  • I’ll buy this new BBQ
  • I’ll earn $$$ money

Then they get there. They own the house. They have kids. They got the promotion. They man their new BBQ and they earn $$$.

And what happens then?

The (vicious) cycle repeats — over and over again.

A house, kids, a promotion, the new BBQ, or money doesn’t lead to happiness.

When you start writing online take a minute to think about your motive/s. Think about the WHY?

The pursuit of money as a way to reach happiness is futile.

Tell me about the WHY behind your writing online!

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