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Is the Art of Writing Dead?

  • 2 min read

A lot of writers are wondering how AI will change the online writing world

For many creators, ChatGPT has become a great writing buddy in their daily writing process.

I experiment a lot with ChatGPT and other AI tools but barely use them to create content online. For me, the human touch is missing.

A lot of writers love asking ChatGPT for help and I totally get the fascination for this tool and partner.

So many wonder:

Is the art of writing dead? Is it all about becoming great prompters?

I think the game of online writing is definitely changing.

As writers, we have a choice to make — work with AI or compete with it.

When we integrate AI into our daily writing process, we become publishers instead of writers.

However, we are the ones who *think* and prompt ChatGPT.

The robot is just *doing* the work.

Some say they manage to leverage AI to 10X their writing.

What do you think?

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