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Is The Size Of Your Engagement Ring An Indication Of Success?

  • 2 min read

Apparently! What do you think?

A few days ago, my husband and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary.

Around 7 years ago, my dad constantly complained about my small engagement ring.

He asked when my fiancée would upgrade it.

I defended my fiancée.

I told my dad about the deeper meaning behind my small engagement ring.

Still, it got me thinking.

Should I ask for an upgrade?

My colleagues had big, shiny diamond rings that they liked to show everyone, and I had only a very small one.

At some point I realized.

An engagement or wedding ring doesn't represent the level of success we’re achieving.

My boyfriends’ surprise on top of a mountain at Lake Garda in Italy meant the world to me. In my view, the ring was perfect.

And hey, we’re still married. That’s success to me.

Most of my former colleagues (and my dad) are already divorced.

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