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Is This Feature Gone Or Is It Just Another Annoying Bug?

  • 2 min read

Help needed.

It was late at night when I was recording the training session for Week #1 of my Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp.

The other day, I was very sleepy.

Still, I went through the recording because I wanted to add something and my immediate response was…

Whaaaaaat the ….?!

Here you can see what the feature looked like last week.

Overnight, the resizing feature was gone!

I wondered whether it’s one of the many many bugs we have to deal with every day

Then I saw Norlisa asking:

I wonder if you are able to expand photographs used in your article.

Right now, from my laptop, once I uploaded a photo, there is no option to enlarge or minimize it.

So, my guess is, it’s not possible anymore to enlarge or minimize images on Medium.

PS: This one’s temporarily gone too:

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