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Is Twitter Upsetting You? Why Not Trying This Platform

  • 1 min read

Musk might ruin Twitter.

For many users, it feels like the end of days on Twitter right now.

They aren’t happy about the blue checkmark for $8.

They aren’t happy about the mass layoffs.

They aren’t happy about Musk’s behavior.

They aren’t happy about the shutdown of the newsletter service Revue.

If you’re not happy about Twitter anymore and you want to leave your nest, there is one platform more and more upset users are *flying* to…Tumblr.

Tumblr is creepy and overlooked.

It “has a reputation as a refuge from the louder and busier social-media landscape” The Atlantic stated.

Tumblr is welcoming back the internet’s weirdos, crazy artists, and nerds.

Oh and if you want a checkmark… Tumblr is even selling up to ten “Important Blue Internet Checkmarks”.

“Why, you ask? Why not?” the official announcement explained. lol.

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