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Is Your Mind Holding You Back Or Moving You Forward?

  • 2 min read

Change the warring narratives of your life that are hijacking your happiness.

The old saying “It’s all in your head” is way more true than you may think.

All of us know about this little voice inside our heads.

Especially as a creative person, this voice is a storytelling machine.

  • I’m not good at this!
  • I could never be as successful as this person!

But what if you could reprogram your brain to tell a new, empowering story?

Much of what our brain tells us is simply not true!

The stories we tell ourselves often create the greatest limits.

If you can change the story, you can change the outcome.

Always ask yourself:

“What story are you telling yourself about this specific situation?”

I read Michael Hyatt’s new book “Mind your Mindset”.

The serial entrepreneur shares:

“One of the best parts about being human is that we don’t have to stay stuck in a story that makes us play small.”

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