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Is Your WHY Bigger Than Your Fear?

  • 1 min read

Building value is more important than being scared

I know a lot of writers are scared.

Scared they won’t make the cut.

Recently, Medium’s new CEO announced he’ll raise the quality bar and that:

“Medium’s first role is a place for subject matter experts to share their knowledge”

Wait, what?

Subject matter expert? WTF!

Fearful emails were flooding my inbox:

“Kristina, I’m not an expert in anything… how can I continue writing here? I’m not qualified enough!”

Whenever I received such an email I cringed a little.

Here’s new hope for all who feel the same!

First of all, you’re not alone.

Second, don’t let resistance hold you back! Your WHY needs to be bigger than your fear.

Building value on Medium is more important than your fear.

You only need to be 10% ahead of those that you are going to serve!

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