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Is Your Writing A Real Labor Of Love?

  • 2 min read

or just a fling

At the moment I’m averaging 10k page views, which is awesome.

I started my online writing career with a WordPress blog.

My travel blog didn’t receive more than 1k views per month. I thought no one cares about my content.

Moreover, I was terrified of writing online. I wanted to write perfect articles and create perfect pictures. I put a lot of effort into Instagram where I had grown a decent follower base.

Here’s an example from my days as a travel blogger.

photo by Kristina God; Me and a cow in the Alps

I was hunting likes and shares. I was so desperate I even played the follow-unfollow game.

At some point, I just wanted to quit. I had enough.

Two years later, in 2020, I started writing on Medium and I love it!

It’s a real labor of love.

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