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It’s My 35th Birthday!

  • 1 min read

Meet my 34-year-old me on screen

Today is my birthday.

Well, it’s not my 21st birthday (thank you Robert Ralph for your kind wishes) but my 35th birthday.

Yesterday evening, a few hours before I turned 35, I recorded an introduction video for my new online coffee shop.

If you’ve ever wondered how I look like, talk, and where I write my article, watch my first ever public video:

I hope you like my 34-year-old me.

I waved goodbye to the old me and embraced my new me this morning.

My husband surprised me with a freshly brewed latte with coconut milk.

Yes, as a parent and part-time writer, I love and need coffee.

Thanks soooooo much for all your support, help, and kindness!☕

If you want to support my work and help me to buy my first surfboard this summer, here’s my Ko-fi shop:

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